01 June, 2017

Letting Go

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Motherhood starts off as a daze
The first few years pass in a haze
The endless feeds, the sleepless nights
A few hours of sleep at a stretch, turns into a highlight.

Then they grow and learn to walk
They explore the space around them and learn to talk
Through each and every single milestone – oh boy !
You feel pride, you feel pain and incomparable joy !

Every time they totter when they walk, they flail
Your hand they seek, as an anchor that never fails
Every time in their sleep, as they battle imaginary dragons
They look at you as their protector, as someone who has no paragons.

Their eyes light up, every time they smile at you, or belly laugh with mirth
That smile – toothless or a few, it fills you with such joy that it hurts
Then comes the day they step out into the world
To head to playschool or kindergarten, their fingers around yours, still curled

When you drop them off at kindergarten, they cry, for a few days
You probably cry longer, in more ways
They discover a little world of their own, they play, they fall, get hurt, with independence they flirt
You agonize more over each little cut, bump, or when their little minds, the bullies around hurt.

You teach them the alphabet, the numbers and read them books
One day, they begin to read on their own, as the books, into them, sink their hooks
You watch with a mixture of wonder, pride and awe, and realize that they’ve grown
As books take them on wonderful journeys imagined, to worlds of their own

Time flies, their world expands, school steps in and a myriad of friends
They find books, toys, pals, teachers – as life takes them through the bends
You are still there – a part of their lives – but not needed physically as much
Therein begins the process of ‘letting go’ – life is a good teacher, as such

You watch them grow
As, vestiges of childhood, away they throw
Part of you bursts with joy, your heart fills with pride, yet, in its own way, it hurts
As they step into a world of their own, paralleled by their growth spurts

Signs of rebellion soon sometimes follow
Making everything you say or do, sound hollow
The process of adjusting wavelengths never stops
For, communication is of utmost importance, much better than teardrops

Somewhere along the way, you find each other again
Mother and child, each other they sustain
They grow, they flourish.
You learn, them, you nourish.

Through it all, you get comfortable with each other
Through it all, you turn into friends with one another
There are still times when they fall asleep, head on your lap
As you take a blanket and against the cold, them, you tenderly wrap

Their eyes light up when you cook something they love
They giggle, their eyes light up, as their spoons they dip into the pot on the stove
You are the very best, they say and laugh, and wrap you in a hug
Your eyes fill up with tears, tears that hide quickly, as, at your heartstrings they once again tug

As they grow, so do you, as you go with the flow
For, a part of you knows, that one day, you have to let go
As time goes by, those strings you let slip through your fingers a bit more
For, they have to get independent and you know that, at your very core

Part of you accepts, part of you still denies and you moan
That one day they will leave home, and start a life of their own
When that day does finally arrive
You hope that you will be ready to let go, let them, on their own thrive

You hope that they will still be your best friends
As you let go, tears down your face may stream
But you will hold on to the hope that with you, they’ll still share, through life’s trends
Their craziest thoughts, their deepest fears and their wildest dreams.

That’s when realization hits like a ten ton truck
And leaves you rather dumbstruck
That letting go is nothing but forging an unbreakable bond of love and friendship, it just ascends
That this is love, in its purest form - it has no expectations, no boundaries and no end.

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