11 March, 2015

What are we humans doing with this world ?

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What is wrong with the world of today ?  I now often wonder
Why are people tearing each other, countries apart, asunder
Why is there so much hatred in this world ?
With allegations and accusations against each other, being hurled.

Look at Planet Earth, the very planet we all call 'home'
Where now zealots plunder in the name of religion and freely roam
Goodness and morality do not seem to make the cut anymore
As hatred and animosity run riots in human minds and come to the fore.
We humans take it for granted, think it's our birth-right
To maul and strip Mother Nature, to raze trees on sight
Climate change, unusual weather, we wring our hands and fret
But are we doing our bit to save greenery and trees ? No, not yet !

Deforestation has become the name of the game
It's all in the name of progress, politicians claim
Mother Nature shows her displeasure and fury every so often
The stance of politicians the world over, however, does not soften.

People are too busy with power play and dominance
Human values do not seem to hold the same pertinence
Lives are cheap, morals askew
To stand up against wrong and right, there are but a few.

Violence rears its ugly head way too frequently
Gunmen get into schools and go on shooting sprees
People in nations tortured, maimed and killed by terrorists
There seems to be no room in this world, for non-conformists.

Religion still happens to be the most favoured tool
Steeping minds and hearts with hatred, forming vile cesspools
One still hears of bloodshed aplenty in the name of God
In the name of One who's supposed to protect and nurture, is that not odd ?

That day in Bombay's history will forever be etched in my memory
Where ordinary people went on a bloodthirsty spree
I was at work when, one by one, the bombs exploded
As, one after the other, multiple places in the city were pounded.

I saw bodies being carted away in trucks, limbs lying scattered
The heart ached to see the city torn, families shattered.
If one thinks these incidents were just events in the past
Look at the more recent ones the world over, they'll leave one equally aghast.

Caste and religion are such fertile breeding grounds even today
Little children being indoctrinated into violence, their minds led astray
The heart aches and the eyes sting with tears
As children are taught to handle guns and bombs, and terror cheers.

Women have no space to voice themselves, in many a place
As their own, physical or mental, many women can claim no space
Women are still treated as objects, to claim and plunder
When will good sense prevail, if at all, it makes one wonder.

Watching the evening news is nary a pastime anymore
For, all one hears in the headlines and news, is a whole galore of gore
What comes from such violence, I ask
Is there indeed such hatred deep in the minds of people, to unleash and unmask ?

Violence, bloodshed, carnage and mayhem rule the roost
With false values and deceptive tenets, young minds are being seduced
Is this right, is this really the road to heaven or jannat, as claimed
Does violence not leave families shattered and youngsters, for life, maimed ?

Why then, does humankind spread such hatred and loathing
And in doing so, what sort of a future course are we charting ?
War and bloodshed in the name of personal conviction
Oh brethren ! Human attitudes are so very brazen.

We humans are fast being dragged into a mire
We humans are fast setting the world afire
Humanity has imprisoned itself in cages of bigotry
To random violence and anger, there seems to be no boundary.

Change is what the world over, humanity needs
Pray, who's going to make a start in tilling hearts and of change, sowing the seeds
It has to start from the grassroots, it so does
To crush prejudices and bigotry, do we humans have it in us ?

Oh ! Don't you think there's got to be a start somewhere ?
Of intolerance, chauvinism and prejudice, all humanity needs to beware
A start sure needs to be made on this front
Else, our future generations risk bearing, of such hatred, the brunt.
Else, our future generations risk bearing, of such hatred, the brunt.


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