23 February, 2015

The Beauty of Books - A Tribute

(Image courtesy : etsy.com via Google)

A journey to lands far away
On ships that, to the ocean’s seduction, sway
One travels far and free, one wanders into lands barren
As always, the travels come at a winning bargain

One sojourn takes me to the wildness of Africa
Another to the sublime, peaceful land of the Buddha
With James Bond, I’ve often done the jive
Off helicopters, there are times when I’ve taken a dive

London and Paris were just a stone’s throw for a heart flying free
There were trips on the Missisippi River, with who else but Becky
I’ve lived the life of an architect, struggling in obscurity
As well as Mrs. Bennett’s life of borderline insecurity  

There have been so many doors open
Adventures to magical, mythological lands, often spun
Of voyages aplenty on magic carpets, I’ve had my fill
Many a times, as i pictured with closed eyes, time stood still.

All these magical adventures and journeys, I hold dear
When diving off the helicopter, I did indeed feel fear
It is like being caught in a whirlwind of emotions
When being with witches and fairies, mixing their potions

Life chugs along at its own pace
Bringing with it, many a different phase
The sojourns however, continue, as they will
Every time I turn a page, there’s a hidden element of thrill

As I inhale the fragrance of the yellowed paper
As my eyes settle on the words that dance and caper
It draws me into its world, holds me like an anchor
The heart responds to emotions … joy, sorrow and anger

Such is the power of books and they’re indeed my friends
When in such lovely company, a journey never ends
They open doors like nothing else does
They do so gently, without much fuss

What would people do, without books to read
Of imagination in one’s mind, they plant the seed
They hold the essence of the universe in their lines
A flight of imagination to our earthly minds

Into everything, they breathe life, they are indeed ageless
Without books, life would indeed be Oh ! so tedious
As someone once did so fittingly advise
“Reading is dreaming with open eyes”.

11 February, 2015

Yo Modi-Shah Parivaar !! Ab ki baar, kiski sarkaar ??

(Image courtesy : indiatoday.intoday.in via Google)

The people in Delhi have spoken, Oh they have !
Does the BJP, to this rout, now have a salve ?
Eight months back, people called it the 'Modi Wave'
A lot many said 'our country, only this man can save'.

Sceptics like me were in the minority
To warnings of voting in a fascist, his supporters did not agree
'We need leaders like him' people boasted and cackled
'Why can't they see through this man ?' I often wondered, horrified and baffled.

What about the Godhra riots and his role in them, I shouted myself hoarse
People had a whole bag of counter arguments to that one, of course
None of which made sense and they all seemed to beat about the bush
People seemed hell bent on giving Modi, towards the PMs chair, a push.

Think about it, people, think about it
'Tis been eight months since, on the PMs chair, he began to sit
Huge promises he did make, at those noisy election rallies
Now, looking at the achievements, does any of it tally ?

Arrogance has always been a part of him, it always has
'Swacchh Bharat and Clean Toilets' and all that jazz
On what counts has his government even begun to deliver, I ask
Will the people of India have it in them, to take him to task ?

Armed with his alma mater of organized religion
The khaps, panchayats, patriarchy still rules the bastion
The sadhus, sadhvis and khaki chaddis, as ever, regressive
Bringing them to power just made the atmosphere for them, more conducive.

Apart from facilitating 'community fraction' under the RSS faction
What else has he done ?  Any answers ?  Anything ?  Anyone ?
Communal comments like "Ramzadon ya Haramzadon" he did sanction
He's thoroughly living up to his reputation of 'all talk and no action'.
May I call upon all of those who called Manmohan Singh a mounmuni, silent
Those very people, on our current PM, come on, let's pass a judgment.

Our country's woes continue to increase
In pulling wool over the lower and middle classes, his game plan was a masterpiece
To all those people who touted Modi as a saviour
To all those people who, about his abilities, were so sure

I have one question for all of you, today.
Think carefully and answer truthfully, if you may.
Did you bet on the wrong horse, back then
On this issue, can you still call him a saviour and about it, be zen ?

Organized religion has always been a strong theme
Politicians 'use it' effectively, as, eight months back, we've seen'
'Time for BJP, Time for Change' said the posters
People fell for it and brought into power, a bunch of impostors.

I've never been a Modi fan, nor will I ever be
Every time I look at his picture, the atrocity in Godhra is what I see
A fascist dictator, authoritarian and an autocrat
Did the 'aam janta' really think he would turn into a democrat ?

'Bahut hui desh mein mehangaai ki maar, Bahut hua brashtachaar'
Crowed and boasted his PR think tank 'Ab ki baar, Modi sarkaar'
Yeh sab satyavachan to nikley bekaar
Kya yeh Bharat ke vikas ke liye bani Modi sarkar ya phir ho rahi hai din dhuni atyachaar ?

The people of Delhi, to the truth, have woken
Their displeasure at having been taken for a ride, aloud they've spoken
Will the rest of the country take a long, good look at the current government's statute ?
And, in the future, like the people of Delhi, prove just as astute ?

I hope. I pray they do.