19 August, 2014

Start of school - A mom mopes and whines

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A month together we did have
T'was summer, school vacations, simply fab !
I didn’t realize time fly past

That one month, very long, did not last.


Finally dawned today morning
The start of a new school year for the Nutty Sibs, it did bring

There were up and out of bed very early
Of “unnnhhhh can we sleep some more ?”, there was no plea


A new beginning for them both, today
A graduation of sorts, shall we say

Macadamia starts Senior School today

And Pecan in Middle School, starts his foray.

I sit here right now, the house all quiet and silent
The usual ruckus that the Nutty Sibs usually make, is totally absent

During the holidays the house, with noise, was filled
as our conversations, laughs and arguments shrilled and spilled

Funny, now that I think of it in wonder
I’d rather prefer the house, audibly torn asunder

This silence and quiet, I realize with dismay
This “peace” is so not fun. Nay !

The feeling hit me today morning

As the beginning of their school year, it did bring
“What am I going to do all alone ?” I wondered

“You will have time to do your own stuff” a little voice inside me answered

That simply was not to be
For, to my spirit, they are indeed the keys

I’ll say it out loud here, despite the grins I’ll need to face
once both of them, in the noon, get back to home base.

“I miss them, I miss them, I miss them crazy
Their presence, their fights, their laughter and all that’s itsy bitsy”

The silly banter, the goof ups, when we bake together

Came back to me a while ago, as the muffin batter, I stirred
No voices piped up “are the muffins done yet ?”

As the temperature on the oven, I once again set.

I shall wait for the afternoon, when the Nutty Sibs get back
I shall wait for the afternoon when the house floods with noises

That noise, the little talks, the fights, they’re a root part of my life
Without all that noise, things actually seem rather strife.

I realize now that the tables have turned
Another one of life’s lessons, I just learned

Parents hold their children’s hands, when they’re little, for a while,
But their hearts they hold forever, as life progresses, mile after mile.












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Simply amazing <3

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Truly amazing