04 January, 2014

The Precipice - A 300 word micro fiction

(Image courtesy : familysecuritymatters.org via Google)

“Just one step, just one step” echoed the voices inside his head.  He could taste the fear at the back of his throat, his head buzzed. 

“There is no way out” said the same voices, inside his head.  “Just one more step and you shall know peace like you never have before” said the same voices, sounding taunting and mollifying at the same time.  He knew too, that there was no other way out of the situation he had gotten himself into.  What was supposed to have been one round at the casino had gone on and before he knew, he was neck deep in debt.  He needed money and he needed it quick. 

I will be done and over with this, once and for all, he thought.  He had no choice.  He could feel the pressure building behind his head.  His temples would soon start pounding and the aches would begin.  I will put an end to this once and for all.  Just get it over with and thats that he thought to himself.

Steeling himself for what he had to do, he stood at the edge of the precipice, trying not to look at the ground below.

“Do it” commanded the voice inside his head.  “Do it, for you do have no other choice” resonated the voice. The pounding increased, drowning out all vestiges of reasoning left in him.

 “Do it” commanded the voice, stronger and more authoritative, this time.   Unable to go against its wishes and command, his face red, his lips quivering, his head pounding, tasting the bitter rush of adrenaline at the back of his throat, he jumped off the precipice.

“Cut. That's a wrap. You sure make one hell of a stuntman“ yelled the director, as he hit the huge airbag on the ground. 

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