03 December, 2013

Feelings !! - a 281 word microfiction

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“Oh God !  She’s ugly” screeched a voice, jarring Annie awake from her stupor.  “Hey Dude !  No one’s asking you to look at me.  I wonder if you have looked at yourself in a mirror lately” thought Annie, crossly.  This always irked her.  She knew she was no looker, but when she was called things like “horrible”, “revolting”, “disgusting” and such, it did hurt her feelings, much more than people ever imagined.
She sulked, waiting for the next round of insults to be heaped upon her callously, by the insensitive people all around her.  She pouted, brooded and grumbled to herself at the unfairness of it all.  She heard footsteps but in a fit of sheer rebellion, refused to turn around from the corner she had ensconced herself in.  “No one likes to be called names time and again.  Guess what – me too !!  Let them come and get me out if they want to” she thought mutinously.
“She’s beautiful” exclaimed a voice.  Annie looked around suspiciously and found herself looking up at a pair of large, warm eyes, which were twinkling with delight.  “Seriously ?  Me ?” she thought to herself, disbelievingly.  “After all these years, here’s someone who sees me for what I am on the inside” she thought incredulously. 
She moved closer to take a better look at the owner of the warm, twinkly eyes.  She had to squint because it was not exactly easy to focus on something with eight eyes.  The little human looked delighted, seemed absolutely overjoyed.
“This has been my best day in a very long time” thought Annie the Tarantula genially, as little peals of enthralled, enchanted laughter resounded through the Insect Zoo.

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Jam said...

Cute post, first time I have read a post narrated from the viewpoint of a spider :)

Supriya Kabra said...

really good.. :)