31 December, 2013

Laguna Junior Christmas Choir - They rocked !!

(Image courtesy : scmp.com via Google)

This year too, like they did last year during Christmas, Santa’s little elves did their bit towards the community.  This year, the Laguna Junior Christmas Choir consisted of more than forty children.  They practiced Christmas carols in the evening, during those couple of hours that is normally very precious to them because it is usually their time to play with their friends in the park.  There were no questions asked, no complaints, as they got together as frequently as three to four times every week, to practice caroling. 

They had able teachers who guided them during their caroling sessions in Maria Fernandes, Anne Challu and Binnie Patcha, all of whom had to take time out from their own busy schedules too, for this good deed. 

On the 21st and 22nd of December, 2013, more than forty of Santa’s little elves in Laguna City, Lam Tin, went house to house, caroling and collecting donations for Operation Santa Claus.  The children truly exhibited "the spirit of giving"  by opting to collect donations for OSC, in lieu of the gifts they would otherwise have received from each household, after caroling.  Their enthusiasm knew no bounds and it reflected in the message of cheer and joy they were instrumental in spreading throughout Laguna City.  It was lovely to watch faces break out into wide grins at the sight of this enthusiastic bandwagon of carolers and the Christmas caroling this year was such a resounding success, that people are already looking forward to the event next year. 

As parents, we are often found telling our children that “sharing is caring”.  The spirit of sharing is especially exemplified during this season – the Christmas season and it is never too early to start teaching our kids to care for people who are less fortunate.  This event will also, hopefully, teach the kids to appreciate all the good things that they have in their lives and make them realize how fortunate they are.

Mother Teresa once said “It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”.   These little elves exemplified that spirit.  They are living proof that ordinary people, no matter how young they are, can make an extraordinary difference in the world of today by reaching out to the community, in their own way, by their own means.

Here’s to the little elves and here’s wishing all of you a festive season filled with an abundance of cheer, joy, good health, peace and love.

23 December, 2013

Honeymoon, Roses and Hell - A writing prompt

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It had been good but things had changed between them.  What had started out as a fling had become something much more to Susan.  “Women” he muttered under his breath, shaking his head incredulously.  She had been absolutely still, motionless when he had told her that they could not continue seeing each other again.  Then came the tears.  “I put on a pretty convincing act.  I managed, actually managed to look genuinely sorry” he thought to himself, smirking. 
He thought of the voluptuous Pam.  He was meeting her for lunch later.  He was more interested in what would follow, though.  The buzzing phone intercepted his carnal thought processes.  It was Pam.  “I can’t make it to lunch today, darling.  Something’s come up” said her cryptic message. 
Annoyed at having his plans cut short, he tried to focus on the file lying open in front of him.  His flitting thoughts were interrupted once again as the phone buzzed.  “Happy Anniversary” said the message from Susan.  He had not expected her to send him a message, given that he had broken up with her a week back.  “Free for lunch today ?” followed another message, a few seconds later.  “I have a gift for you” said Susan’s third message. 
“Sure, babe.  Let’s meet at Franco’s for lunch at 1.30 pm” he texted back.  “No, Mike.  Your gift before lunch” came the coy reply.  “Let’s meet one last time and part on good terms” beeped the fourth message.
“Sure thing” he grinned.  “She just can’t get enough of me, can she ?” he crowed to himself, silently.
“Hotel Paradise.  The Honeymoon Suite” beeped the phone again.
Whistling tunelessly to himself, Mike left the office and cabbed it to Hotel Paradise.  The receptionist handed him the passkey to the suite with an all-knowing look.
The Honeymoon Suite did look cosy and inviting.  Tealight candles placed strategically, crystal flutes next to a bottle of champagne resting in an ice bucket alongside a platter of absolutely delicious looking strawberries. 
“Trust Susan to think of every small detail” he thought grudgingly.
There was a note propped up for him by the dresser.  It was a birthday card.  He opened it and out floated Susan’s sultry voice “Wait for me, Mike, like you usually do.  Wait for me while I bring you your birthday gift.  Make yourself comfortable.  I’ll be there just as the clock on the dresser counts down to zero” said Susan’s voice, sensuous as silk. 
“My pleasure” muttered Mike, under his breath, with a grin wide enough to light up the whole suite. 
He waited, barely able to conceal his excitement and anticipation as the clock counted down. 
Just as the clock beeped, the message drifted across the huge, wall mounted plasma TV screen “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”.
The Honeymoon Suite was flooded with light.  There they stood, in front of him – his wife and Pam, staring at him, as comprehension slowly dawned on them.
He stared at them in absolute horror, for, he had been waiting for Susan, like he usually did - without any clothes on.    
(This was in response to a writing prompt.  Weave a story around the words “honeymoon, roses and hell”.  They were an interesting medley of words for this prompt).

03 December, 2013

Feelings !! - a 281 word microfiction

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“Oh God !  She’s ugly” screeched a voice, jarring Annie awake from her stupor.  “Hey Dude !  No one’s asking you to look at me.  I wonder if you have looked at yourself in a mirror lately” thought Annie, crossly.  This always irked her.  She knew she was no looker, but when she was called things like “horrible”, “revolting”, “disgusting” and such, it did hurt her feelings, much more than people ever imagined.
She sulked, waiting for the next round of insults to be heaped upon her callously, by the insensitive people all around her.  She pouted, brooded and grumbled to herself at the unfairness of it all.  She heard footsteps but in a fit of sheer rebellion, refused to turn around from the corner she had ensconced herself in.  “No one likes to be called names time and again.  Guess what – me too !!  Let them come and get me out if they want to” she thought mutinously.
“She’s beautiful” exclaimed a voice.  Annie looked around suspiciously and found herself looking up at a pair of large, warm eyes, which were twinkling with delight.  “Seriously ?  Me ?” she thought to herself, disbelievingly.  “After all these years, here’s someone who sees me for what I am on the inside” she thought incredulously. 
She moved closer to take a better look at the owner of the warm, twinkly eyes.  She had to squint because it was not exactly easy to focus on something with eight eyes.  The little human looked delighted, seemed absolutely overjoyed.
“This has been my best day in a very long time” thought Annie the Tarantula genially, as little peals of enthralled, enchanted laughter resounded through the Insect Zoo.