26 November, 2013

The Sniper - a guest post by Abhay Venkitaraman

(Image courtesy : depositphotos.com via Google)

Ten years later, things still looked the same.  Everything was going on as usual. If he succeeded today, he would make history. He was hungry for his kill. He took a deep breath, with a final look at his rifle he picked it up as nervously as a student going to school for the first time. He had been hunting for him for a decade, the man who had killed his family.

He loaded his rifle and waited as patiently as a tiger on a hunt. 

The tyrant waved to the crowd, as everyone cheered and clapped.  His thick hair ruffled in the breeze as his malevolent eyes gazed at the crowd.  The feeling of cheer in the crowd was like an impostor.  

He took aim.

He squeezed the trigger gently. The bullet whizzed through the air like a cheetah pouncing on a stag in the savannah. Not a single obstacle stopped the bullet’s determination as it looked slyly at the target. The bullet found its mark.

The target was gone.  The man who had finally got his revenge after years of hard work sighed with relief and slipped away silently. 

2 voice(s) said so:

Jam said...

Nice short story, loved how you narrated only the kill itself and didn't go into any details regarding the why or the how of the kill. Just the sheer joy of the kill for the sniper, that's it.

Supriya Kabra said...

u described the exact moment of the kill in a precise manner..