19 November, 2013

The Cliffhanger - a 150 word story

(Image courtesy : sitkatrails.org via Google)

The sun was rising, painting the landscape in shimmering hues.  “It has to be today” she thought, her heart heavy.  Parents protect their children from danger but she was not.  She was pushing her child into danger, perhaps the jaws of death even.  The "What Ifs" pounded her skull, pulsing with a sense of doom.  The familiar peaks now suddenly looked hostile, unsympathetic.  She was scared.   Very.  Yet, it had to be done.  She pushed with all her might.  Her child lost balance, careened, teetered on the edge, trying desperately to regain lost footing, but failed.  The terrified little one tumbled off the edge of the huge mountain, her screech flailing in the winds. 
“Yet people think life as a bird is easy” mused the Mother Eagle to herself, as she watched her little one spread her wings, take flight and soar into the vast expanse of the welcoming skies.

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Jam said...

Lovely micro fiction, very clearly captured the mind of a Mother Eagle. Loved it a lot.