20 November, 2013

Speech - A Virtue ?

(Image courtesy : watalbury.org via Google)

“Speech is a virtue”, insisted Dan.  

“Opinions differ” countered Sarah.  

“If we could not speak, we would not have been here” said Dan.  

“Exactly” said Sarah “we would not have been where we are now” she said, rather wistfully. 

They had grown old together and it felt good – these little breaks that they had, time spent with each other, talking, reminiscing about their kids who they had not seen in a while. 

“Speech is a curse” said Sarah, vehemently.  “Let’s not argue anymore, Sarah” said Dan.  “Come on, dinner is served.  Let’s eat” he said.

Flapping their colourful wings, both the captive circus parrots swooped down towards the fat earthworm.

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