21 November, 2013


(Image courtesy : flickr.com via Google)

The creak of a door hinge registered in her subconscious mind.  It was cold, windy.  The wind shrieked and howled outside and she felt the cold seeping into her bones.  Wrapped in a warm blanket, hot chocolate in hand, she watched the news.   “Mob lynchpin breaks out of prison” flashed the headlines.  Thoughts flitted to the days at court when she had prosecuted and sent members of the mob to prison. 

“Handsome face” she mused, struck at the perversity of her thought, as her eyelids slowly gave in, yielded to the cozy warmth of the blanket.

The static buzz of the TV roused her.  As she reached for the remote, she shrieked as she saw the handsome face at her window – the handsome face from the news.  It disappeared just as quickly. 

She gingerly moved towards the secured and locked window, heart pounding with fear.  There was no one outside.  “I must have been dreaming” she thought, her nerves frayed.  Then she saw it again – the same handsome face and somehow, he now seemed closer than before.

She watched the handsome face break into a chilling smile, just as realization hit.  She opened her mouth in a silent scream.

She was looking at his reflection in the window.   

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Jam said...

Nice, loved how you built the story up nicely and especially loved the ending.