21 September, 2013

A post addressed only to the portion of the American populace that has just proven itself to be "racist and ignorant" !!

(pic courtesy : jeromiewilliams.com via Google.  There are plenty more tweets on that site, in the event that you, my dear reader, can stomach such ignorance and hate.)

Let me begin this post by saying at the very outset that I, for one, have massive reservations against beauty contests because they objectify women.  The message beauty contests send out is that “what you look like determines your worth in the eyes of people, in the eyes of the society”.   This cannot be farther from the truth.

But then again, this post is addressed to the racist populace in America that just went bonkers and started a steady stream of “hate tweets” and went out of their way to make lives miserable for many South Asian women who are as much a part and parcel of a country called the US of A, just as much as you racist bigots are.

Addressed to Ignorant & Racist Americans Only.

A lot many of you have been hopping around like mad cats on a hot tin roof, after having heard the results of the recently concluded Miss America competition.  Malignant tweets followed, which left many people around the world wondering as to how people can harbor such hatred and odium towards another fellow human being who has not done anything wrong – nothing other than having the wrong skin colour, in your books, though !!

It is not wrong on the part of the President of the USA to be so concerned about the education system there.  There is something abysmally wrong if a portion of the population (meaning you guys) have got so many basic facts wrong, in so many different subjects. 
  1. Nina Davuluri is Indian by origin.  She is not an Arab, she is not Egyptian.  Apparently your Geography lessons at school were of no use at all or maybe you guys were busy pea shooting.  Just to enlighten you and enlightenment is something you really need – these are different countries with different languages, customs and cultures.  It would be a good idea to check the nearest atlas – if you have one, that is !

22. Nina Davuluri is not a Muslim.  She happens to be a Hindu.  Not that we expect you to bother finding out about the finer aspects of a culture other than your own (we are assuming that you know yours !)  but just for your information, Hinduism and Islam are two totally different religions with very different beliefs.  Also, did you guys know that not all Muslims are terrorists ?  I know !  Shocker, right ??!! There is a large Muslim population spread all around the world that believe in, and want peace.  Not all of them are bearded, gun toting terrorists who go around shooting anything and everything that moves.  Just for your information because you seem to badly need it.

33. Nina Davuluri is an American citizen.  If your country can have a President who is half Kenyan, why is it so difficult to digest the fact that your current Miss America was born in India ?

44.  More importantly, all of you who consider yourselves Americans, do need to know that most of you are of European descent.  But of course, to expect you to know this would be asking for too much, I guess.  You’ve spent most of your time steeped in ignorance, learning racism and how to be world class racists that you probably did not pay attention during your History lessons.  
J    Just for your information, the ten largest ancestries of American Whites are : 16.5% German Americans, 11.5% Irish Americans, 9% English Americans, 5.8% Italian Americans, 4% French Americans, 3% Polish Americans, 1.9% Scottish Americans, 1.6% Dutch Americans, 1.5% Norwegian Americans and 1.4% Swedish Americans.  (Information courtesy : Wikipedia, which happens to be a page you can access on the Internet.)

55. Going by the above logic and going by your rants that scream “only Americans should be Miss America”, none of your clan can even think in terms of running for Miss America either, right ?  The Miss America competition can only accept entries from the Native American Indians, right ? Only Native Americans should be allowed to compete.   Well, we just used your logic here !!

66. Nina Davuluri, the first Miss America of Indian origin, has a degree in Brain Behaviour and Cognitive Medicine from the University of Michigan, for your information.  She plans to apply to medical school with her prize money with the aim of becoming a doctor, like her father now is and practices very much in the United States of America. 

If you cannot think beyond your own skin colour and if you cannot understand basic concepts before beginning to shoot your mouths off, trust me when I say that you are more of a burden to America than “well-wishers” or constructive contributors to that society or country.  

I’m sure the “sane”  portion of the American population would more than agree with that statement.

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