10 June, 2013

What happens when one overdoses on Harry Potter ?

(Pic courtesy : themetapicture.com via Google)

It was all still and spooky.  The silence was marred only by the drip – the occasional drip of water from one of the taps.  She stepped in, the rubber soles making no noise across the floor.  She dared not breathe, for fear of being heard.  She was scared but she knew she had to do this.  She had to do this for her own good as well as the good of the others around her.  This mission had to be completed, scary as it was.
The drip of far spaced single drops of water only served to heighten that sense of impending doom, of distress and trepidation.  “What if ?” asked one half of her mind.  “You simply have to do this” said the other half.  There was no element of choice here.  She was committed and this was a task she had to complete.
The door creaked as she opened it and the little hairs on her forearm rose as the gust of cool, damp air washed over her, amplifying her foreboding.  A pall of calamity hung in the air as she ventured through the door, hesitantly, tentatively.  She looked left and then right, as she had been trained to and allowed herself a small gasp of relief as she found no one there. 
A loud noise almost made her cry out aloud until she realised that she had let go of the door and it had banged shut behind her.  She was in enemy territory now.  There was no going back.  She had to do what she had come in here to do.   Palms damp, she suddenly felt cold.  It was a chill that ran deep into the bones.  There was nothing superficial about it.  She sensed evil, she felt the maliciousness in the air.  It whispered in her ears, further dredging up the fear quotient.  Having accomplished what she had set out to do, she glided out of the room as quietly as she had gone in.  Her heart was thudding so loudly that she swore people around her could hear her heartbeat.
People outside were lost in their own little worlds.  They were all busy looking at a whole array of award winning photographs in the gallery.  They were quite an eclectic bunch, the people.  Some so intently looking at the photographs as though trying to figure what the photographer was trying to convey.  Some gasping in delight as they found meaning in the photograph they were looking at, others in awe at the sheer beauty of the composition in some of the photographs. 
All these people were blissfully unaware of the drama that had unfolded, barely a room away. 
Only two people in the gallery looked around as she walked out of the room as silently as she had gone in a few minutes back.  Of those two people, only one of them, only the elder one knew that the mission had been accomplished when she heard her say “This is why they say girls should never go into the loo alone.  Hermione did and she got attacked by a troll.  Myrtle did and she died.  Ginny did and she got abducted.  Katie did and she got cursed”.
The mother looked at the young girl who had just managed to escape the clutches of her own imagination in the loo a few minutes back and said “I guess that’s what happens when one reads too much of Harry Potter”.  The young girl rolled her eyes at her mom, only to get a grin in response.
A sense of normalcy engaged them once again, as they feasted their eyes and revelled in the magic of the award winning photographs on the walls of the museum.

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Simran said...

Ha ha ha! Seriously who could have thought using the loo could be dangerous stuff! All in the mind huh!! Loved this :)

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Sarah Spitz said...

love it!!!

Greetings from Germany from two Potter-obsessed girls!

Bambi and Birdy

Random Thoughts said...

appu.... u r famous.....

Gauri said...

Simran : :-)) all in the head, it was :-))

Meena Iyer : Thanks. Do keep visiting.

Sarah Spitz : Greetings from HK, Bambi and Birdy :-). Do keep visiting, Sarah.

Random Thoughts : See ! All that Potter mania had to have its benefits :-)).

Swati Raman Garg said...

hahahaaa.... mast.. i have to share this with Garg... :D