26 June, 2013

Want to know more about the USA ? Try this new edutainment game ....

(pic courtesy : carmensandiego.com via Google)

I remember a very popular CD-ROM from a decade or so back, maybe more.  It was called “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego ?”.    
I’ve been informed by able sources that a game making company has already secured the copyright to producing a more recent, more modern era microchip which is said to be way better than the erstwhile Carmen Sandiego CD-ROM.  This new chip is said to be a very effective tool in teaching children Geography but it does not stop there.  It is also said to be equally effective in teaching people facts about many countries around the world.  “Facts hitherto unknown to people” is what their advertisements claim.  Borrowing a line from Star Trek, the makers of this chip have said that “this game chip will take you where no one has gone before”. 
The manufacturers of this chip have apparently run into big problems because the game on this chip is said to explain to people, in a very humorous, witty, funny yet insightful way about how all their electronic communication is being monitored.  You’ve got Twitter, Facebook, emails – oh yeah !  we’ve seen it all, we’ve read them all” proclaims the advertisement, which feature a few models, some of whom bear a rather suspicious resemblance to the top guns in the US administration.   
The advert for this chip (which the US has challenged as being inciting) claims to show the world (of course in a funny, comical way) how US politicians look when they are caught with their pants down.  The advert has been catchy enough for millions of copies of this chip to be pre-ordered well before its official release date.  I mean, US politicians being “exposed” and the current US government being unmasked and being laid open as “a bunch of hypocrites” is enough to make 80 percent (maybe more) of the world salivate, to be honest. 
If countries like, for example, India or say some of the South American countries were involved and if there was an expose labelling the politicians in those countries hypocrites, trust me when I say no one would even give the news or the chip a second look.  Everybody knows what exactly to expect from these countries.  But the fun is always manifold when countries with a distinct “holier than thou” attitude are caught in situations that embarrass them to no end.  That is exactly what this chip promises to do.  Small wonder then that sales are absolutely shooting through the roof.
The advert that has got the company into trouble has to do with the United States of America.  If the advert had probably mentioned Turkey or Spain or some such country, well, the response would have been much more muted.  A couple of lawsuits threatened and that would have been it, I guess.  Because you see, countries like Spain or Turkey have their own problems to deal with and they make no bones about it.  The whole world knows of the deficits facing these countries and that there is unrest in Turkey.
If the advert had made fun of Middle Eastern Countries, they could have been resting on their laurels by now because they would have had the whole-hearted support of the USA.  If the game cover had said “watch Syria burn and watch Syrians suffer under the current regime” they would have had the blessings of the rather enlightened zen-like US administration.  If the game cover had said “watch people in North Korea suffer because of the current regime”, they would have had an equally enthusiastic, unequivocal backing of the USA because these are things the US Administration keeps announcing almost on a daily basis, thumping and beating their chests like one of Jane Goodall’s chimpanzees and crying foul at the impunity with which these countries are flouting human rights regulations. 
But the makers of this game chip have indeed made what can be considered an extremely colossal mistake – a cardinal mistake even.  They put the USA squarely on their covers and threatened to expose “certain truths” about the US Administration that the US government did not deem necessary to tout or flaunt.  Oh !  It is not that the US government does not have problems of its own.  It does, big time !!  But then again, the image portrayed is one of infallibility and in the midst of all this, a seemingly god given right to point fingers at other countries.  The US Administration is so busy berating other countries over “the green house effect” that they’ve completely forgotten that they live in a glass house.
This game chip is said to use some new cutting edge technology called PRISM.  Actually, the ad makes it sound like something Walter Bishop would come up with, in Fringe but the USA is being quite the sullen bully over all this and is behaving like Joe Caroll in The Following.  I mean, like they have the right to dictate terms and do whatever they like with people and such.  The US Administration, I guess expected to have “A Following” of its own (like Joe Caroll did in the TV series) with places like HK and China following the USA’s orders with a meekness and docility that would have put deer and does with those big eyes and long eyelashes, to shame.  I don’t blame the USA.  They are just being Goliaths.  HK, by the way, happens to be the circumstantial David.
Now, one does not do that, one is not supposed to do that, is one ??  When the US cries foul, when they pass a decree pretty much like high priests of some cult, people are simply expected to follow their instructions, no matter how outlandish they seem.  Had HK behaved well, the US would definitely have handed out candies instead of brandishing the stick.  Sweet, isn’t it ??!!   
While production of the game chips continue to be on in full force in the factories, the rest of the world waits with bated breath for its release.  Well, just to appease the Goliaths in this instance, the factory should probably think seriously about sending over some of the game chips (post production, of course) to the US Administration for quality control testing. 
Oh !  I think I forgot to mention the name of this game chip, didn’t I ??. 
It is being called “Where in the world is Edward Snowden ?”.  Oh, by the way, you might just want to pre order your game chip as well.  The manufacturers, I believe, are throwing in a whistle as a free gift !!!

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