18 June, 2013

Pecan's poetic skills put to the test by ....... LOVE !

(Pic courtesy : hibp.ecse.rpi.edu/~john/loreena.html via Google)

Now comes the interesting bit.  For his homework assignment, Pecan had to rewrite the last few paragraphs of the poem and change the ending to a happy one.

This ended up being an extremely funny project, though.  He was managing and doing fine until he came to the very end of the poem.  Now when the poem clearly indicates that it is about two people in love with each other, and when the homework assignment is to make sure that the ending is happy, one doesn't really have too many options now, right ? 

In Pecan's version of the poem, the hero, the Highwayman, having quelled King George's men in red, has burst into the room in which they had held the landlord's daughter captive.  Now, the question the hapless Pecan was faced with was, "errr.... what does he do next ?" The answer to this was simple enough.  He cuts the ropes or whatever and frees her.  OK, so far so good.  "errrp .... what next ?" Pecan was found asking himself.  He was a sight that day.  Sitting there with that sheepish expression on his face, he finally asked for my help.  "Please help ! Just with the last two lines" he said.  "You've done fine so far.  Why do you need my help for the last two lines ?" I asked, amusement threatening to blaze itself across my poker face (which took quite some effort to maintain, btw). 

"It's about LOVE, Mummy" wailed Pecan.  "Yikes .... I mean, I don't know !! What or how are people in love supposed to behave with each other.  Eeewwww… why did it have to be this, of all the things ?  moaned Pecan.  He whined, he complained but alas !  He even tried changing the earlier paragraphs all over again.  But to no avail !!  The concept of love pursued Pecan with a vengeance.  All pretence of a poker face having flown out of the window, I still refused to actually put the last two lines into words for him.   Through a whole rip roaring ten minutes of charades, he got the word "gaze".  Think and build on that word, I said as Pecan stared, in utter dismay, alarm spreading across his face.  “Take it as a challenge” I said, totally unmoved by his antics.  He did and by the time he had finished his homework assignment, we were pretty much rolling on floor, laughing uncontrollably.

Needless to say, this is something Pecan would peg down as "one of the toughest homework assignments yet".  Not the whole ballad, mind you.  That was a piece of cake.  Just that the element of "love" in all its complexities had my ten year old totally foxed !!   

This was his version of The Highwayman - his version with the happy ending.  Changes reflected from Part 2 Para 7 :

Tlot Tlot Tlot in the frosty silence
Tlot Tlot Tlot  in the echoing night
Nearer he came and nearer
His face was like a light.
Her eyes grew wide for a moment
She drew one last deep breath
"Run Run" she yelled
The red coats looked up, shocked and felled.

The highwayman heard her scream
He galloped towards the gate
The red coats ran towards the robber
Oh ! What would be his fate ?

He galloped like a soldier
He took out his sword
He pounced on King George's men
The sword slashed and there was gore.

He came up to the inn
And into her room
Onto her tied wrists
His gaze zoomed.

He came up to the bed
and untied the ropes
Their love for each other burst forth
As they gazed at each other, their eyes full of hopes.

Now who is it that says homework can't be fun, huh ???!!!

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Awwww. And I love this poem too.