04 June, 2013

Impunity and a lack of accountability rule the roost in Mera Bharat Mahaan !!!

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India, as a country, has always been the playing field for the rich and the powerful.   Take the latest scandal that has hit the BCCI, for instance.  Yet again, despite things being unearthed, despite the fact that players have been arrested and family members of “important people” implicated, charged and arrested, the impunity with which the “rich and the powerful” continue to toy with the system, is unbelievable. 
Despite all that has happened over the past few days, BCCI President Srinivasan refused to step down.  My question here is “how did the element of choice even come into the picture ?”.  Who or what gave him the impression that he actually has a choice in this respect ?  Yet, despite his brazenness and audacity in making that statement, no one has had the gumption to contradict him publicly.  Why ?  The BCCI is not Srinivasan’s personal fiefdom.  Yet, he romps over all the other members with the mettle and cheek of someone who has put himself on a pedestal so high that he has convinced himself that he is invincible, no matter how grave the situation.
I’ve said this before and I’m saying it again – cricket, as a sport, is given way too much importance in this country of ours.  Well, no harm in giving precedence to one sport but when it is at the expense of other sports, then it becomes a real issue.  Just before the London Olympics, I remember reading newsreports about two subedars from the Indian Army who were supposed to be representing the country in the 20 km walk.  These two subedars were not even supported by the Sports Body in the country in terms of providing them with the necessary equipment to train.  I sincerely wonder if they even had a coach or a physiotherapist to tend to their needs and guide them towards excellence in their area of sport.  In all probability, not.  On the other hand, our country has a cricket team that is paid hundreds of thousands, irrespective of whether they perform well in matches or don’t.  When there is no answerability, it is bound to breed and emphasize the “chalta hai” attitude that prevails through the echelons of the Indian government. 
Srinivasan of the BCCI fame has gone to the extent of saying that he should not be asked to step down because he was not directly involved in the betting scandal.  How would the world have reacted had Osama Bin Laden issued a statement saying he is not responsible for any of the atrocities committed by his followers since he hasn’t actually gone and killed anyone personally ?  How would the world react to the ongoing Syrian crisis if President Bashar Al Assad were to say he is not to be held responsible for the atrocities being committed in his country against his people because he did not actually go down there and shoot people down or torture them or execute them ?  Makes no sense, does it ?  Similarly, I guess Srinivasan should know that “with great power comes great responsibility”.  More importantly, if he chooses to be blind about this and not recognize this, someone or a collective of some people in our country need to enlighten him to that fact. 
I remember reading in one of the newspapers a couple of days back that Sreesanth is a very devout person and that he is busy appealing to God to get him out of this mess.  Really ??!!  When are people going to stop using God as an excuse for their wrong doings ?  When are people going to stop using God as a means to justify or to seek justification for their own wrongdoings ?  In this instance, with Sreesanth, we are talking of wrongdoings that were committed consciously and wilfully.  God is not responsible for morally corrupt people.  Moral corruption is a personal thing and to try and dilute it by dragging religion and God into the picture simply reeks of a larger than life disillusionment.
 People worship M.S.Dhoni.  I have sincerely wondered why this cricket crazy nation has not built a temple for Dhoni yet.  Maybe sometime in the near future, the way things are going.  One has come across many instances in the past of Australian Captains and British Captains actually stepping down from their captaincy if the team performs badly during any given series.  In 2011-12, the Indian team, ably led by M.S.Dhoni, were routed in both England and Australia.  They were mauled, mangled and crushed.  Yet, Captain Cool did not take any responsibility for the losses.  After CSK’s loss in the recent IPL finals, Captain Cool was only too ready to point fingers at the CSK batsmen.  Yet again, responsibility was palmed off and very conveniently so.  Yet again, these situations reek of a lack of responsibility, a lack of accountability or obligation of any sort. 
The BCCI was hit by a match fixing scandal 13 years ago.  Quite apparently, it has been water off a duck’s back.  No lessons learnt, no messages driven home.  We, as a population, as citizens of an extremely populous country watch helplessly with eyes and ears wide open, as history repeats itself, yet again.

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