31 May, 2013

When disaster struck ..... well, almost !!

(Pic Courtesy : simonshiptalk.blogspot.com via Google)

It was New Year’s Eve.  She could hear people making merry.  The wine had been flowing in the dining room and it was a party atmosphere.  Twinkling lights all around made the place seem like a perpetual disco.  She felt cheated, though.  People all around her eating, drinking, partying but no one had even thought of asking her ??  Even the man she held so close to her heart ??  Love knows no boundaries, it is said.  It is also said that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.  “He asked for it and he’s going to pay for his insensitivity” she thought as she made her way upstairs. 
There he was, all ruddy and pink, his whisky container in hand, looking quite happy and content.  Here I am, she thought angrily, all hungry, ignored and overlooked.  “No one gets away with snubbing me” she thought angrily as she launched herself on him.  Her claws sank into his forearm and she made sure she dragged her paw all the way across his arm, breaking skin, drawing blood. 
The First Officer yelped in pain and anger as he flung his pet cat away.  “I should never have brought her along” he thought angrily.  “I would not have had to if Samantha had not filed for a divorce and moved out”. 
It was a few hours later that the First Officer noticed the warning that had come in earlier – “Iceberg ahead.  Proceed with caution” it read.  Horror dawned on the First Officer that the ship had been on a collision course with the berg.  When the cat had dug her paws into his forearm, he had accidentally changed the course settings on the ship’s engines and it being New Year’s Eve, no one had noticed that the ship had changed course. 
“Disaster averted – that too by a pair of ladies” said the First Officer to himself, in utter disbelief, as he changed the settings and set the ship on course.

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Simran said...

Ha ha! Good one Gauri!!