31 May, 2013

Thirst - a 110 word story

(Pic courtesy : narrativeandontology.blogspot.com via Google)

Extremely thirsty, he wandered, delirious, in search of water.   He saw people sipping their tall icy drinks.  His eyes gleamed as droplets of condensation made their way down the glasses.  He turned his head and saw it.  Next to the rubbish bin was a glass with some water.   He ached for water, but the wisps of memory from childhood eluded him.  As his head and his black wings drooped, the young crow had but a vague memory of a bedtime story about his ancestors.  He had not paid attention then. 
As the darkness closed in, his last images were those of the glass and the pebbles lying strewn around it.

3 voice(s) said so:

Bhavya said...

Oh that is tragic.. this shows why it is so important to know your history.
Innovative thought, appreciate it!

Simran said...

Nice!! Loved the narration and the message - subtle yet strong.

Nimue said...

Awesome ! as my mother says , old tales have a lot to teach. sad that may kids do not pay attention