25 May, 2013

The dude turns ten !!!!! Happy Birthday, Abhay !


The dude who shares my genes :-)

You turn 10 today. 

(Picture Collage by Aparna Venkitaraman)

Yesterday morning, I walked into your room to get something and looked at both the bunks of your bunk bed.  Macadamia on the upper bunk and you on the lower bunk.   I stood there, rooted to the floor.  I found I could not take my eyes off both of you.  It took me hurtling back a decade or so and in my mind’s eye, I could see both of you as the little babies you still are – inside yourselves. 

Parents are often faced with a lot of questions as they bring their children up.  I did too.  Until a few years back, the questions were more on the lines of “What should I iron for him to wear today ?” “What books should I get from the library for him to read ?” “Which cartoons would he like to watch ?”.  As you turn ten, as you leave the single digits behind, the one question I find me asking myself is “Is he still a little child ?”.  The answer, as it turns out, is not meant to be simple.

It used to be much easier to carry you when you were a lot littler and in the innards of my heart, in the deepest depths of my mind, I still carry those gurgles and those squeals that picking you up and throwing you up in the air used to provoke.   No, I don’t intend to pick you up and throw you up in the air now.  Fear not !!  A good hug will always be welcome, though ! :-)

Somewhere along the way (I fail to realize when exactly this happened), you started picking out your own clothes and a part of my mind did register the fact that none of your clothes had the Little Einsteins on them.  Somewhere along the way, you TV tastes changed too -  watching cartoons gave way to  enjoying TV shows that had people in it.  Little Einsteins gave way to Castle and Bones,   Spiderman and Superman cartoons gave way to The Fantastic Four and The Avengers.    Somewhere along the way, the picture books have given way to full fledged  chapter books and little novels, the Geronimo Stiltons have given way to Roald Dahls and the like.

Quite some time back, I realized that you know much much more about a lot of stuff than I do. History, Geography, Science, General Knowledge – these are just a few examples.  Yes, it is about time that I do admit that you’re way way ahead and I don’t think I’m ever going to catch up with you.   Will keep trying to, though :-). Now you know why I kind of turn green in the face when you want me, daddy and Macadamia to take one of your manifold quizzes !!  Quit making a Mickey out of me, I say !!!

You’ve caught people unawares with your leadership qualities.  When I saw the way you were at the helm of your group for the Market Day Stalls, when I see the way you handle your responsibilities as a representative of your class in the Students Council at school, the image that floats across my mind is that of the meek, timid little guy that used to be scared of confrontations in kindergarten and early Primary school years – even for something as simple as taking the window seat on the school bus.  You’ve come a long long way since then, dude.  A very long way.

What do I wish for you on your tenth birthday, as you leave single digits and enter the second decade of your life ?

Kindness of heart is something you’ve been born with.  We realized that very early on as all four of us grew together as a family.  You are an extremely sensitive soul and as you grew, the boldness and the confidence have surfaced but underneath those qualities, you still have a heart that’s as mushy as a bar of chocolate that’s been left out of the fridge.  I hope and pray that that kindness of heart always stays with you.  Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you are too sensitive a person.  Sensitivity is something that is needed in the world of today.  Feel for the people around you, feel for your friends, feel for the world, for that still keeps alive that beacon of hope in the heart.

Inquisitiveness is second nature to you.  Always yearn to learn for learning has no age limits.  Reach for the stars, stretch yourself as much as you can.  Through all this though, remember, always remember to stop and help along the way.  I know you do this a lot because I’ve heard this from your teacher.  I know you do this because two years in a row, two different sets of peers have nominated you for the class award and the one thing they’ve always mentioned is how knowledgeable, kind, helpful and approachable you always are.  Keep that going – now and always.

Treasure your friends, for, friends are a huge support system.  They are the hands that help you get up when you take a fall.  Be loyal to your friends for, always remember, you get what you give.  It is always a two way street.  Appreciate your friends and family even when you don’t like them (meaning even when we get tough with you, do remember that we are doing it for your good. Enough said !) 

My heart soars when you work hard and win.  There have been many such instances over the past few years.   However, as a person who has “seen” life about four times more than you have right now, I do wish you challenges as well.  There will be times when you come in second, third, fourth, fifth or whatever – numbers don’t really matter.  Do remember that it is very important to have challenges through life.  Challenges build strength of character, challenges force you to give things your best and then some and in doing that you grow, you grow in more ways than one.

The other day you told me that one of your dreams is to try and conquer Mount Everest one day.  Live your dreams.  Live them with a passion for way too many dreams are given up on too easily.  It is not meant to be so.  Follow them, even if it means taking risks along the way. 

As you step into the second decade of your life, I pray that you always feel God’s hand over your head, His light shining upon your path, guiding you in all your endeavours.  Most importantly, always, always remember that you are loved for what you are.  We love you for being YOU.

As you step into the second decade of your life, what flashes before me are scenes from your babyhood, toddlerhood and early childhood days.   Those cherished scenes from early childhood I hold very dear and those precious memories will stay within my heart – always treasured , always cherished.

I sum up my thoughts thus :

Our lives changed once Macadamia and you came into it
As you both grow up, back to those times the thoughts do flit
Was it really that long ago, I wonder
That the two of you, our thoughts and hearts  did plunder
As days flew into months and months into years
Those days from your childhood, in my heart, are seared
From year to year, as life’s journey veers
We watch both of you grow, we watch you fight your fears
You are growing up and growing up fast
But in my heart, memories of your baby years, I hold steadfast
As, towards your future, you take your steps
Little baby memories, in my heart, will always be kept
As you grow up, if you happen to flounder and lose your way
If you’re not sure of what to do or what to say
Remember that we are always here for you
Above all, dearhearts, always remember that we love you
And that you always have our open wings to fly back to.

On that note, my very own young dude, here’s wishing you a very Happy Birthday and here’s to many many more, Precious.

Eight more years to go, dude ……. :-) ….. you know exactly what I mean :-)

With all my love and then some,

Your " gene"  Partner in Crime :-)

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