09 March, 2013

The Hunt - by Abhay Venkitaraman

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It was a good day at the S.S (Secret Service) headquarters.  Suddenly, the Chairman dashed in and said “AJ, please come inside”.  AJ was a rookie who had joined the SS just 10 days ago.  He was a very brave man who did not care much about his own safety.  He was kind, generous and was already popular among his colleagues.   However, the Chairman was a pessimist.  He was the kind of person who worried about going to a garden because he was nervous about being stung by bees.  He was very short tempered and everybody in the SS, including the high officials, were scared of him.  People were scared of being called into his office.

The whole SS office looked worried now because a new officer had been called in.  AJ walked into the Chairman’s office.  The Chairman said “well done, young man”.  AJ looked really puzzled because he did now know what the Chairman was talking about. “You are going to be the lead officer on a very dangerous case” the Chairman said.  “There have been many hacking cases reported in many international newspaper offices.  The hackers have finally been located and that’s where you are going.  To Hawaii.  If you decline this assignment, you will be suspended for a period of two weeks.  Remember, this is a good chance to prove your worth here, at the SS”  said the Chairman.  “I will do it, Sir” said AJ. “Very well.  Here’s your ticket.  You will meet a fellow officer when you land in Hawaii”  said the Chairman.

The next day, AJ boarded a flight to Hawaii.  The flight took over six hours and finally AJ reached Honolulu Airport.  It was a beautiful airport – its interior was filled with flowers and from the outside, the airport looked like the island of Hawaii.  As he stood in the arrival hall, a man in a suit and a hat walked up to him and whispered “come with me”. “Who are you ?” asked AJ.  “Just come with me and I will drive you to your hotel.  I am Agent 770.” said the man.  “Where am I staying ?”  asked AJ.  “You will be staying at the Hotel KamehaKameha – the greatest hotel in all of Hawaii” said Agent 770. 

They walked out of the airport and Agent 770 opened the door of a shiny new black Aston Martin.  AJ got into the car and waited until Agent 770 got into the driver’s seat.  “Now can you tell me your name ?” asked AJ.  “My name is Jason and I am your lead officer in this case.  But during work, call me 770” said Jason.  AJ looked puzzled.  “The Chairman said that I would be the lead officer on this case” he said to Jason.  “He just said that so you would accept the mission” said Jason. “He told me that your resume stated that you liked to be the leader”. 

A car suddenly overtook their Aston Martin and screeched to a stop in front of them.  They could see two men in the other car but both had black masks on their faces.  They threw something at the Aston Martin and Jason screamed “GRENADE !!!!!”.  He grabbed the grenade which had fallen on the Aston Martin and threw it into the other car and drove the Aston Martin away as fast as he could.  A few seconds later, the other car exploded into flames.  They finally reached the hotel. “Remember, we start work tomorrow.” said Jason, as he left the hotel.

The next day, AJ and Jason got into their Aston Martin and drove towards their destination. Jason whispered “remember to call me just 770 not by my real name” but AJ did not reply.  He seemed really preoccupied’ “I have a feeling that Tai Shan is the culprit” said AJ.  “He is the only one capable of leading such a large team of hackers.  Why can’t we go undercover ?” asked AJ.  “The Chairman bans undercover work” said Jason.  “What is the point in having a SS when its agents cannot work undercover ?” asked AJ.  “Wanna break some rules ?” asked AJ.  “You mean we just go undercover ?”  asked Jason.  “Yes” said AJ.  “The Chairman is not going to be happy about it” said Jason.  “Well, who cares about the Chairman.  Once we solve this case, we will become the most famous men in the world” said AJ.  “Ok then” said Jason.  “We will check Tai Shan’s company here in Hawaii but we must soon fly to HongKong because according to reports, that’s where the headquarters of Ling Tsee Tsai are located.”

“Ling Tsee Tsai ?”  What’s that ?” asked AJ.  “That’s the name of the terrorist group which is led by Tai Shan.  It is not considered a terrorist group by the UN.  That’s how isolated they are from the rest of the world” said Jason.  “I overhead the Chairman talking to his officers the other day.  He said he was Tai Shan’s friend”  said AJ.

The Aston Martin braked to a stop.  “Where are we ?” asked AJ.  “In Klikale.” said Jason.  “There is an arms dealer here who used to work for Ling Tsee Tsai.  He later surrendered and now works for the JSS” said Jason.  “JSS !!” “What is the JSS ?”  asked AJ.”The JSS is an organization led by me.  It is unofficial but I use it to counter attack the Chairman’s forces” Jason said.  They found themselves in a place that looked like an empty warehouse.  “Is this where the arms dealer does his business from ?” asked AJ.  “Yes.  This is where he works from” said Jason.  They entered the mysterious place and saw a heavy built Chinese man.  “Hello Ben !  How are you ?” asked Jason.  “Hello” growled Ben.  “I’ve got your flight tickets to HK.  Here they are” he said.  “Tell me Ben” said Jason “How do we get a gun license in HK ?” “No need to get one.  Just use mine” said Ben.  “We leave tomorrow” he said.

Meanwhile, at the SS headquarters the Chairman was watching them on his TV screen.  He had always suspected that Jason was rebelling against the SS and had ordered the high officers in the SS to keep a watch on Jason and AJ.  He now gave them orders to capture them.  He was very very angry.
The next day, as Jason and AJ headed to the airport, they were carjacked.  The captors held them at gunpoint, threw them in a box and put the box in a cargo plane which was headed towards HK.  There were holes in the box so that they could breathe.

When the flight landed in HK, the box was opened.  Sometime during the journey, the tired AJ and Jason had fallen asleep.  When they awoke, they saw a tall man looking down at them.  “I am Tai Shan.  I am the greatest man on Earth.  What were you doing following my people ?  Why were you trying to bring my empire down ? growled Tai Shan, looking very angry.  “Because we are now looking at the biggest criminal on Earth” said Jason, calmly.

“Ben , make them suffer.  Torture them !!!” screamed Tai Shan.  Ben grinned evilly as he brought out his whip.  He stopped next to Jason and AJ and looked down at them as he cracked his whip.  Just then, he suddenly turned around and  whipped Tai Shan’s head.  He grabbed Tai Shan’s gun and tossed it to Jason.    Ben held Tai Shan’s wrists and tied them with a rope and untied both AJ and Jason. 

They heard a helicopter over them.  It was hovering very low.  Suddenly, two armed men in uniform jumped out of the helicopter, burst into the compound and arrested Tai Shan.

The next day, Jason and AJ returned home.  They told the police about the Chairman’s connection with Tai Shan.  They gave them the evidence they had collected and had him arrested.  Jason and AJ became the joint Chairmen of the SS and Ben became a member of the SS. 

Jason and AJ had just finished a meeting with the other SS officers when AJ turned, looked at Jason and said “You know, I don’t think the fight with Ling Tsee Tsai is over yet.  I think they will come back one day”. 

 (This is a story penned by Abhay Venkitaraman - our 9 1/2 year old son.  This was the winning entry to a writing contest held at his school during Book Week). 

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