24 January, 2013

No ads on my blog, please !!!

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I guess there are many different reasons why people blog.  I’ve been blogging for more than seven years now.  I started this blog mainly as an online diary of sorts, to record those little snippets that tend to get forgotten over a period of time, those anecdotes relating to the growing up years of both Macadamia and Pecan.  Nowadays, even though I blog less about Macadamia and Pecan, what with them growing up and wishing to see less and less of themselves on an open medium like a blog, I do blog about other things that I care about, things that I feel I need to have my voice heard over, things that I have an opinion on and would like it heard.
End of the day, my blog is personal.  It is about personal thoughts, personal opinions and the like. 
Of late, over the past many months, there have been plenty of requests from companies and ad agencies and what have you – who have expressed a desire to use my blog as a platform to place their ads or promote their businesses.  Needless to say, they have all been turned down.  My grouch is not as much with them as it is with people who try to sneak their ads and placements in.
There were so many instances in which people were leaving / people are leaving comments on my blogposts with a link to whatever it is they were / are trying to promote.   Now this really really bugs the hell out of me.  This was happening so frequently that I had to put in a word verification.  Nah.  Didn’t stop them.  There are people out there who seem to have all the time in this world to even work through word verifications on blogs to sneak their ads in.  I went a step further and turned the “comments moderation” on. 
A couple of weeks back, I deleted 450 comments.  All originating from the same person, all the comments with the same link back to God Knows Where – not that I care.  I don’t !!  Who in the name of God has time to leave 450 comments ?  I guess it was a script or some such being run but this just goes to prove my point.  There are sneaks out there – plenty of them just trying to piggyback on personal blogs in the hope of having some traffic diverted their way, through the links that they have slyly placed on personal blogs.
Deception, slyness and sneakiness have become so much a part of the psyche in society today that it seems almost natural, almost a given to just go ahead and exhibit these traits – just about anywhere one pleases or chooses to.  Call me old fashioned but these things have no place on my dictionary.  I never did subscribe to these and from where I look at things at this stage in life, it is not about to happen.  I cannot come to terms with people exhibiting sneakiness and then expecting it condoned as something that is happening all around, so it has to be OK.  No, it is not OK.
Well – if any of those people who leave these links in my blog’s comment space are around and reading this post, here is a direct message – stop trying to place your ads or promote your links or whatever it is that you do, through my blog.  If at all you do really want to use my blog as a platform  (I can’t really think of any good enough reasons why people would want to use my blog though !), scrape up a bit of self-respect and shame, write and ask nicely if I indeed want those links placed anywhere in my blog.   Please do not assume that my blog is around for you to cavort and play around with, because it simply is not. 

2 voice(s) said so:

Aparna said...

Amen to that! Hope the message gets through!

Cuckoo said...

I hope the post threatens would be trolls. Good luck!