03 December, 2012

The Whale and the Tub !

(Image courtesy : tvadio.com via Google)

“But you won’t even fit into a tub” said who else but Pecan.  While the Madre (a.k.a Yours Truly) is not exactly the slim and trim types, she had not ever considered herself a leviathan, in any sense of the word.  “Trust kids to bring you back to Earth“ (crashing down to Earth would be more appropriate in this case) thought Madre, while she gasped and looked appropriately shocked at the statement. 
Macadamia, in the meanwhile, was in the clutches of total mirth and was well on her way to looking like she was possessed by the laughter demon.  Evil (that’s how it sounded to my ears right then) laughter seemed to resound through the living room while Pecan was looking (to his benefit) sufficiently bewildered. 
Vic was struggling (I have to add here that he was indeed fighting a losing battle) not to laugh.  We were quite a sight – a Mommy who looked like she was choking on an entire octopus that was wriggling up and down her insides, a genuinely baffled looking Pecan,  a Macadamia who was quite literally clutching her stomach like one would clutch an expensive Prada in the midst of an unruly mob and Vic who had gone all red in the face from desperately trying not to laugh.
All this started after we were through watching an episode of The Human Planet yesterday evening.  Vic bought the original DVDs of the entire series and on a surround sound system, watching The Human Planet was absolutely beyond awesome.  The episode we were watching yesterday was about the oceans and about how some cultures have adapted to the oceans and the underwater much beyond what we think is humanly capable.
After the episode came to an end, we were all still pretty much in an “awed stupor” when Vic generally asked who wanted to try life in the water or have a profession that was essentially centred around water activities.  Now the Madre has never ever been, is not and (the way things are going), will never ever be a water person.  The Madre is the kind of person who flails and pales at the very sight of a large body of water without even dipping her big toe into it.  Nah !  She’s definitely a land person.
“Not me.  I’m fine with a tub of water” said the Madre and this prompted Pecan to say “but you will never even fit into a tub”.  I guess his head was still full of those whales that he had watched with utter fascination on The Human Planet (Egad !  I don't believe I'm even saying this) but how he made that remote (read non existent !!!!!!) connection is truly beyond me. 
 What tub he had in mind, the Madre has no idea about but it definitely was not the same tub that the Madre had in mind.  It took a while to get this whole confusion sorted out with Pecan looking rather sheepish when he tried to explain “Oh !  Not the bath tub.  I thought you were talking about that small tub that we errr…. used to have once upon a time.”
Good try, young man.  Good try. 
Just that the Madre isn’t buying it !!!!! 

4 voice(s) said so:

Aparna said...

Your kids seem to have definitely inherited your sense of humour ;). Fitting in the tub indeed!!

ßiju said...

you have a unique way of bringing humour in your writing. Loved the blog.

TypeWriterMom said...

Ouch..from one whale to another (oh i meant the shark, eh? )..i know how you feel ;)

Pallavi Purani said...

Aww....loved the way you co-related the Human Planet to the child's innocent reply. Fabulous