29 December, 2012

Shakti or Travesty ?

(Pic courtesy : activists4change.blogspot.com via Google)

She’s been called by many names – Damini, Braveheart and many many more.  None of us know her real name but to her, the 23 year old girl from Delhi, I, for one, doff my hat.  If ever we’ve seen a symbol of courage, of hope, of fortitude, of fighting the odds and more importantly a whole wall of people who stood against her (in terms of their actions, their words and their attitudes), she’s been it.

Having been subjected to and having come face to face with the most heinous, atrocious and monstrous side of those creatures (I can’t even bring myself to call them animals – that would be an insult to animals) on that ill fated night, she was thrown from the bus, violated, battered and barely clinging on to life by a thread. 

What happened to her has served to bring to the fore what each and every woman in India has faced sometime in her lifespan, is facing as we speak or write now and if things continue the way they are, will face in the times to come.  Each and every one of us has been at the receiving end of the vast spectrum of  unfairness – just by virtue of being female.  So much so that things like eveteasing, lewd comments, gropes, being felt up in a crowd, men brushing against breasts  have become all too common – things that end up being just brushed aside.  End of the day, these men just walk away having had their fill and the woman is left shocked and horrified beyond words by what she’d just endured.

The police in India have just had their façade ripped off their faces.  Yes, they are the ones that are supposed to be providing protection, they are the ones that are supposed to be looking out and making sure crimes do not happen but what do we see ?  We see a police force that is reeking with apathy, we see a police force that simply refuses to do anything other than heap a whole load more of ignominy on women who have already looked at evil in the eye.

In a country like ours, where feminity is worshipped as the Holy Shakti, the travesty cannot be more clear.  Feminity and respect for feminity has never before been so grossly misrepresented or distorted. 

I write this today in memory of that 23 year old from Delhi who, symbolized that very Shakti in the true sense of the word.  She fought her demons – not just in the physical sense but in more ways than one.  She succumbed to the horrible injuries inflicted upon her by creatures hitherto thought of as human but hopefully, the spirit that she embodied will live on.  I, for one, hope it does. 

In Memoriam ……. Rest in Peace.

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