03 December, 2012

Perspectives ....

Sunlight seeped through the clouds like a slicing scythe.  She was still enveloped in darkness.  It covered her, smothered her, insisted on coiling itself around her.  She struggled to break through the obscurity of the dark fog but gave up after a while.  Teardrops glistening on her long eyelashes, she looked at him.  His eyes, still groggy from sleep, struggled to focus.  “I’m scared.  It’s so dark” she said.  “The sun is out.  It will be bright and sunny soon” he said, heading towards the bathroom.  “Thirty years together and we’ve never understood each other” she whispered, to herself.

Footnote : A longer version on the same theme is what I had submitted to some online contest a long time back.  I can't remember why, but I did not cross post the same on my blog then.  Here it is now :-), my attempt to express "perspectives" in about a 100 words. 

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Amit said...

It will be great to read the longer version too Gauri! :)