12 December, 2012

Kothmir Alu Palak

Kothmir Alu Palak
(Potatoes in a Spinach – Cilantro Gravy)
I big bunch (about 650 gms) fresh Spinach leaves
1 small bundle fresh  cilantro
1 inch long piece of fresh ginger
½ tsp cumin seeds
1/8th tsp turmeric
8 tbsps distilled white vinegar
1 tsp sugar
8 -10 fresh green chillies (adjust depending on spice intake)
½ tsp mustard seeds
1 tsp lentils (udad dal)
1 tbsp oil (any cooking oil)
500 gms potatoes
Dry / Fresh red chillies / julienned ginger (for garnish)

Wash, clean the spinach and coriander.
Wash and cut the potatoes into large cubes (with the skin) and boil in slightly salted water until half done.
In the mixer/mixie, blend the spinach leaves, ginger, chillies, cumin and the cilantro together into a fine paste.  Keep adding small quantities of water, depending on the requirement of the mixie but ensure that the whole thing does not end up too watery or runny.  It is pourable consistency but not watery.
In a deep cooking pot, add a tbsp of cooking/corn/canola oil and temper the mustard seeds.  Once they splutter, add the udad dal and stir until the udad dal turns light brown.  Add the spinach/cilantro blended mixture to the cooking pot.  Mix well and let simmer. 
Once it starts to simmer, add the turmeric powder, distilled white vinegar, salt and sugar.
Mix well and add the half cooked baby potatoes.  Simmer on low fire, stirring occasionally.
As the spinach / cilantro mix cooks, it changes from a bright green colour to a deeper, dark green colour.  The half done potatoes need to fully cook in the gravy, so as to absorb the flavours.
As the mixture simmers and bubbles away, there is quite a bit of splattering so do wear mitts when stirring the mixture.  This is why it is important to use a deep cooking pot rather than a shallow pan.
Once the potatoes are done, the mixture would also have reduced in quantity and thickened considerably.  Once the desired consistency is reached, turn the heat off.
Garnish with red chillies before serving (optional).  Alternatively, use julienned ginger for garnish.  Better still, use both. 

Serve with fresh, hot phulkas, parathas.  Alternatively, this dish also goes very well with plain white rice or a simple jeera and peas pulao.

1.       You could use fresh pudina (mint leaves) instead of the cilantro.
2.       You could use paneer or veggies like baby corn, carrots (or a mix of veggies) as a substitute for the potatoes or with the potatoes.
3.       Adjust the number of green chillies according to the spice levels desired. 

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