17 December, 2012

In Memoriam ....

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The one thing that we, as a human race seem to be chalking up in large numbers are days of remembrances.  There was 9/11, there was 26/11, countless others and the latest one – 14/12 at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Connecticut.
I’ve had this post in the draft folder for the past couple of days and I’m pretty much where I was two days back when I first read about the shooting.  It had left me totally numb and cold then and even now, I feel just as shocked.  
Today morning, the newspapers had released a bunch of photographs of the little lives that were so cruelly snuffed out on Friday last.  I could not stop the tears.  I mean – look at them, their eyes had been so full of life, ready to take on the challenges that life threw at them.  They had a whole lifetime ahead of them.  Instead, what they were dealt with was a bad hand of cards. 
Who is to blame here ?  Is it Adam Lanza, the twenty year old who, for reasons best known to him (or maybe not), chose to walk into an elementary school and randomly gun kids and adults down ?  Is it Adam’s mother, who, for reasons best known to her, was in the possession of five firearms at home – one of which was an assault rifle ?  It is the lack of legislation with regard to Gun Control – which people have been insisting has been a long time coming ?  Is it the lack of a support structure for special needs kids early on in life that lead to them getting more and more depressed and angry with life and with the people around them, as they grow up in a society that still quite does not understand how to deal with such kids ?
Fact of the matter is that meaningless violence has left a whole community shattered - families, first responders - everybody.
My heart goes out to the parents who have to live through life trying to come to terms with the fact that their six year old was gunned down by a young man barely out of his teens.  How do they fill that hole in their lives ?  For the life of me, I can’t even imagine.  How does one cope with something like this ? 
As a parent, as a mother, I can’t, I simply can’t bear the thought of children being harmed – anywhere, anyplace.  How someone could just gun down innocent six / seven year olds is totally beyond me.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make sense of what happened on Friday in Connecticut. 
This post is in memoriam to all those little lives that were so brutally cut short, to all those adults who lost their lives whilst selflessly doing their duty in protecting the children at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

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Prats said...

Touching post, Gouri. We just have to pray that there is redemption in all this for the victims.