20 April, 2012

Five Hundred and ....


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Earlier in the day, I happened to visit my own blog.  Yes – it is yet again becoming a rarity of sorts, though I had planned on rectifying that by trying to post regularly.  It has not happened – atleast not yet.  So yeah, I happened to land upon Tiny Tidbits only to find that the blogger interface had changed.  Now me being me (read technically challenged), I rather hesitantly forayed into the Control Settings on Tiny Tidbits.  Little did I know that a surprise awaited me.
I shook my  head from side to side,  in disbelief more than anything else, just to make sure that my eyes were not playing a trick on me.  I blinked a few times (make that many times) and I guess I must have been blinking for a few minutes, for a couple of my colleagues were indeed giving me rather weird looks.  One of them asked me rather concernedly whether I was feeling OK.  So yeah, I must have been blinking like a tubelight whose starter was about to die on it and I must have looked a sight !! 
What made me blink that way, you ask.  Well, according to the stats on Tiny Tidbits (and yeah, I kinda trust Google where such matters are concerned), I had crossed the five hundred mark as far as my posts on Tiny Tidbits go.  Five Hundred !!  Whoa !!  Now that’s a big number.  When did I end up penning down so many posts ?
I remember having penned this for my three hundredth post and the journey from three hundred to four hundred definitely did not take as long as the journey from the four hundredth post to the five hundredth.   But yay !!!!  I am into the five hundred club.  Judging by the way things have been going since I started working full time, it is nothing short of a miracle, well, of sorts J.
Blogging has always meant more to me that just that – blogging.  Tiny Tidbits started out as an attempt to preserve little bits and pieces of the Nutty Siblings’ childhood, in the form of words and pictures.  Pictures are something that keep adding on into virtually every family but this blog was started to try and preserve those little pearls of wisdom and as many of those darnedest things that kids end up saying.  I must say, there are quite a few of those gems in there somewhere.
To me, personally, blogging opened up an entirely new aspect.  Not to mention the number of friends it has introduced me to, in many different parts of this planet that we call Earth.  I must mention that I am yet to make contact with any extra terrestrial species through Tiny Tidbits.  No saying what’s going to happen in the future, though.  Who knows, I might well meet a Martian through the blog !!!
So that’s where Tiny Tidbits is, as of today – we’ve (as a family – the family provides the ingredients and the masala and I just mix it all up together and cook up a post J) logged in 514 posts on Tiny Tidbits  and we hope to keep going, we hope to keep chugging along.  To all those who have been a part of this ride, in terms of your presence on the blog, in terms of your words of encouragement and comments, a big thank you and yes, do stay with us as the ride is still on. 
Tim Cahill once said
A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.
In that respect, Tiny Tidbits has indeed come a long long way. 
Here's to many more, folks and do stay tuned.

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dipali said...

Congratulations Gauri! And here's to many more posts!

Shanky Jindal said...


maxsamuel said...

So, needless to say, anytime you mention what you look like, or the images of your profile on this post, I become momentarily stunned and confused to discover that you do not in fact look like me, even though I pictured you looking exactly the way I do for the past year or so of reading this blog because, again, you with the relatableness, ’tis your talent milady.
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