18 January, 2012

Just the yellow lemon tree .......

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A love for the English language is something both Macadamia and Pecan have been blessed with. For that matter, right from his childhood days, Pecan has always had this habit of “twirling” the “r” sound when he speaks – making his speech sound sound quite UnIndianised. For that matter, even the rest of his speech never really sounded like the English me and Vic spoke. At one point of time, in jest, it led us to wonder if we’d got the wrong baby home from the hospital :-).

Anyways, not to digress – they love the language and they love to immerse themselves in it (a tad too much, at times). Both of them are relentless bookworms - they have been so for the past many years and they still are. Judging by the way things are going, they will continue to remain so.

We’ve been noticing for a while now – it has been a couple of years actually – that Pecan’s ability to articulate his thoughts is getting better and better by the day. It is not as much what he says, it is more about how he puts his thoughts or feelings into words. He hits the nail right on the head virtually every time. There are times when he leaves us speechless with the vocabulary that he uses to communicate.

The other day, it was really cold and all of us were sitting in the bedroom with the heater on. It was cosy enough to make Macadamia and Pecan linger on there – not wanting to go back to their own bedroom which, by the way, was equally cosy in terms of the warmth generated by the heater there. But this is something we do especially on weekends, songs playing on YouTube and all of us sitting around in the same room.

The other day, the song that was playing on YouTube was “Lemon Tree”. As far as the lyrics go, the ones that keep repeating through the song are :

I wonder how, I wonder why

Yesterday you told me 'bout the blue, blue sky

And all that I can see is just another lemon tree

I'm turning my head up and down

I'm turning, turning, turning, turning, turning around

And all that I can see is just a yellow lemon tree

The first time around, Pecan went all quiet and still like one of those sniffer dogs which have just about detected some scent but don’t quite know which scent they’ve caught and where it’s coming from. He had that slightly faraway look in his eyes which said that he was in one of those “contemplative” modes. Just then, the brows furrowed just a wee bit which did say that some of the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle were in place and that the theory he was forming was being solidified into a ball of thoughts . Now it is a good thing to read these signs about Pecan because once that “ball of thought” has been formed, he just picks that ball up and swings and wings it at you like one of those baseball pitchers.

Sure enough, after a couple of minutes, came the theory which began thus. “OK – so this is a simile so don’t take it literally. Now the person who wrote that song, I know, is talking about waiting for someone – probably his girlfriend or something – Gawd guys can be so dumb sometimes – girlfriends – gah !! (It was at this point of time that I thought to myself – yeah sure – tell me the same thing about 15-20 years down the line and believe you, I shall). OK – so to get back to my point – I was talking about the lemon tree in the song. Now, if we look at this in the 21st century, the lemon tree in the song would indicate the pollution that we see around us – everywhere, everytime, anywhere, anytime. Whether you are sitting near the window or driving around in a car – all you see is the “yellow lemon tree”, which, in our case or in the case of anyone living in the 21st century, is definitely pollution."

Phew !!

He thinks. He thinks a lot. Sometimes a tad too much for a 8 ½ year old, methinks. He has his own logic pathways – some of them pretty unconventional. I mean, speaking with him on some serious topic is not at all like watching a Hindi movie wherein the ending is rather predictable. It is more like being led on a roller coaster ride, with the dips and the gentle rises, the steep falls and the sharp turns, the stomach churning twists and the all numbing turns.

From what we’ve been seeing for quite some time now, those “roller coaster rides” are here to stay. When he was a lot younger, it was Abhayisms that were the most popular on Tiny Tidbits. I think it is about time I started tagging posts with the tag “Logic – Pecan style”.

Well, as things stand right now, Pecan does what he sets out to do, Macadamia does what she sets out to do. Both Macadamia and Pecan are busy with school and the challenges that school is bringing along. Both me and Vic are busy with our respective jobs and the challenges that our jobs bring along. In the midst of it all, all four of us have our "together time" too and that is the bit that makes it all worthwhile. That is the bit that we value, enjoy, appreciate, relish and cherish.

That's our little train, chugging along life's way .........

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Sumana said...

As usual Loved the post Gauri. Amazed at pecan's vocabulary as well. Probably the genes, you are so good and why not??

Sree said...

I always marvel at the way your kids do things! How I wish my kid and baby turn out to be like that.. I simply adore you and your family.