01 September, 2011

The One Word Vocabulary ....

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Ever wondered what it would be like if people had just one word, to communicate with each other ? Never ? Well, I hadn’t either. I’d never ever contemplated the possibility of humans communicating with each other with just one word in their vocabulary.

I stand corrected !!

I have been given to understand that people can indeed communicate with just a single word. I’ve seen it happen, I am seeing it happen and I’m sure I will see it happen for quite some time more.

If you want to find the solution to this puzzle, you will first need to find a teenager or better still, a pre-teen. Throw this question at them and lo and behold, the answer shall be revealed. In all probability (actually, I’m willing to bet on it), they’d give you the answer straight out …..

Huh !!!???

Yes – that is indeed the magic word I was talking about.


It is amazing how this small, one syllable word has replaced so much of vocabulary with such apparent ease. All you need is the right facial expression to go with the word “Huh”and there – you’ve mastered the art of communicating with just one word.

Take Macadamia, for instance. Ask her something, anything and the gut reaction, initial response is “Huh”? But the simple “huh” had evolved a great deal over the past year or so. Starting off as a humble word a few years ago, this simple word has all but taken over the world of teenage / pre-teen communication (if one can call it that !!). The previously uncommunicative teens and pre-teens now have that one weapon in their arsenal which can make like absolutely miserable and drive the adults around them, totally nuts – stark, raving mad !!

Ask Macadamia anything and she responds with a “Huh ???!!!” and a look that makes one feel like the biggest dodo on the face of this planet that we live in. That “Huh ?!”would invariably be accompanied by a raised eyebrow and a slight extending of the lips, sideways. The mouth would be upturned, ever so slightly, at the sides and the eyes would have the “why do you ask me such silly questions” look in them. Ask her the same question one more time, gathering all the patience that you possibly can, mustering all the willpower that you perhaps have within yourself and you will be met with the same reply “Huh ?!”. The only thing that changes is the facial expression which takes on varying shades of boredom. The boredom, incidentally, would be in direct proportion to the number of times the same question is repeated by the said parent. This simple word has, I’m sure, driven many a parent insane and still continues to do so, with considerable ease.

We’ve, of late realized, much to our consternation, that this single word that is driving us up the wall so effortlessly, does have a younger cousin. Ask Pecan something, anything and his first response would be “Whaaaaa ?”. In case you’re wondering what that is, it is nothing but the simple “What ?”. “Whaaaaa ?” is apparently a lot cooler than just saying “What ?”.

So here we are right now, in this place in time and space, going where no person had probably gone before – into a world where the “huh’s” twirl and swirl all around – some gently touching us as they lightly brush past us and some smacking into our faces as they consistently drive us up the wall. But then again, did I not say in my previous post that I am an optimist ? Nowadays, to every single question of ours, as we pose them to Macadamia and/or Pecan, we atleast know for sure what their immediate response is going to be !!!

The Apocrypha says

"Let thy speech be short, comprehending much in a few words."

Kids nowadays sure have mastered the above art. There exists a whole gamut of meanings in that single word that they use for anything and everything under the sun.

"HUH ???!!!!!"

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