31 August, 2011

Changes galore ....

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Been away from this bloggy blog for way too long now .....

'Twas not that I did not want to visit this space or fill this space with my meaningless meanderings but 'tis just that something was eluding me all along. 'Twas not that there was no material for the writing juices to flow - oh ! there was plenty, but that important something continued to elude. 'Twas not that Macadamia and Pecan did not provide any grist for the mill, but it was just that the elusiveness continued.

What was eluding me all along ? The same thing that seems to be eluding everybody, the same factor that somehow seems to be running our lives - day in and day out - TIME !!

There are a few changes around - OK - make that quite a few changes. We just moved into another apartment over the weekend and needless to say, the past week and a half have been absolutely insane. We've been over the edge and just about made it back. Our new home does in fact resemble a home now :-) rather than look like someplace which is about to host a garage sale. Lots more need to be fine tuned, some rough edges need to be filed but all in all, that warm, fuzzy, cozy feeling, that feeling of "being home" when one walks in through the main door, is back :-).

A change around the job front too - with Yours Truly changing jobs. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to be teaching English full time in one of the local schools. I'll be leaving home as early as 6.40 am and needless to say, I am SO not looking forward to winter. No more snuggling under the quilts and enjoying the warmth for "just another five minutes" :-)). I will have to be up and about as early as 5 a.m on weekdays. But then, optimist that I am, I shall look forward to those vacations which had eluded (I'm beginning to love this word !) me the whole of last year :-)).

I honestly don't know if Macadamia and Pecan are looking forward to having Mum back home much earlier than she used to get back home through the whole of last year. Did you just ask why ? Elementary, my dear Watsons. When the cat is not around, the mice do absolutely play. With the cat back home early, the mice shall find some restrictions in place, the mice shall find the theory of "answerability" does exist - despite the fact that they've grown up and are growing up. But then again, did I say somewhere earlier that I am an optimist ? I did, I did !! So yes - I'm so looking forward to getting back home earlier and getting down to some serious baking again. Ah ! I can already smell the fresh bread and the cookies and the brownies and the blondies. Did I not say that I am an optimist ?? :-))

Another thing I'm really really looking forward to, is getting back to regular blogging. It is nice to be back in Blogsville and I now realize how good it feels to be posting again. I've missed writing, I've missed blogging. There have been days when posts have swirled around in my head, begging to be put into words and on the blog but time indeed proved elusive. I hope that will change at least a wee bit, this year.

So do stay tuned as I endeavor to resume regular programming on Tiny Tidbits. Until then, as I start a new chapter in my teaching career tomorrow, do take a minute off (if you can, that is :-), for I do know that time is rather elusive) and wish me luck, will ya ??

Until the next post, Toodle-oo !!


2 voice(s) said so:

Sujatha said...

Good luck with the new job!

Rohini said...

Happy housewarming and all the best with your new job!