25 May, 2011

Happy 8th, Pecan :-)

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So you are all of eight years old today

And my mind is quite in a disarray

Where did the past seven years go, I wonder

As my heart, you still continue to plunder

You’re growing up, I know

‘Cos the winds of change continue to blow

So I shall try and keep this short

Before you give me an embarrassed snort

I still remember you as a little baby, I guess I always will

Even though I know time flies, it does not stand still

Time has indeed flown past real fast

The speed of which never fails to leave me aghast

And in the midst of all that

My baby has grown into a little man, just like that

So little man, as you shed your milk teeth

And find your own firm footing under your feet

As your face loses those last vestiges of babyhood

I see signs of wings being spread – fast and good.

For a little guy who was always in the midst of girls

A lot of changes, now I see unfurl

Where there used to be shy smiles a few years ago

Now there are rolling eyes and sounds of “Eeewwww”

All of eight, you often proclaim “Girls are SO dumb”

But to those very girly charms, my dear, does every man succumb

Beneath all those “ewwws” and “yucks”

Despite your latest mantra that “girls SO suck”

I know that you’re still a very sensitive soul

And sensitivity does still make your persona whole.

For someone who abhorred any physical sport

Hiking now has become your consort

And much to your sister’s dismay

On difficult hikes, you do have a field day.

“Oh God !” she says, as she rolls her eyes

And looks up for help towards the skies

A firm "NO" for any kind of sport a few years back
Now with a vengeance, any sport you attack
As you dive around and dash
All in the name of sports, a grin your flash
Falling down and getting hurt is a part of the game, you claim
"God help us all" I proclaim

While the blacks and the blues stain your skin
And scare the daylights out of your kith and kin
Those marks make no difference to you
As you brush them off with a "Ah ! Just a few"

With tears and frays on all the knees,
Your jeans bear a mute testimony
to all the dashing and diving on concrete, Oh Blimey !
As you get back after play, all dusty and grimy

Your head still buzzes with queries

You sometimes leave us lost with your theories

As you continue to churn out those “Whats and Whys”

Your questions get more and more complex, as time flies

The furious pace at which your mind works and whizzes

As your throw at us, questions and quizzes

Leaves me breathless at times and the mind tends to blot

As you so effortlessly leave my head all twisted in knots

With your sister whom you so love to bug

You goad her, provoke her and then look so smug

Beneath all that inciting veneer

I know exactly how much you hold her dear

When I see the two of you ganging up on dad and me

My inner mind smiles and jumps with glee

Stay this way, the two of you

Despite the tiffs and the miffs, the sibling bond does shine through.

Life has its ups, life has its downs

Through it all, there will be smiles, there will be frowns

Just remember never to give up

Always keep your chin up and holler “Yo Wassup ?”

You came into our lives eight years ago

And changed our lives in a way we did not know

You were an original and you still very much are

Always stay original, my very own little star

I have said this before and I now say it again
You are one of His little birds, one of His nestlings
Life is sure to bring along sunshine and rain
And through it all, as you hustle and hover
Remember that Univeral Force, that Supreme Entity
Which, upon you, I pray, will always watch over.

A very Happy Birthday to you, my not-so-little-anymore one
Here's wishing you tons and tons of fun
With our love in your heart and God's hand on your head
Forge ahead, give things your best - no matter what lies ahead.

Happy Birthday, Jughead :-)

With all my love, precious, and then some,

Maiyya :-)

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Olliewood said...

Happy Happy Birthday! God bless him. Wishing him joy, good health and all wonderful things in life.

Dr Malpani said...

you really write good poems!!!

SEO Pune said...

Hey...I enjoyed reading it!!
Nice work :)

rebecca said...

happy Birthday, dear!

Anonymous said...

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