18 April, 2011

Waxing and waning .......

(Image courtesy : cartoonstock.com via Google)

A few months back, when Mommy and Macadamia were talking about something, the talk turned to the issues of "waxing", "threading" and the like.  OK - no dramatics but just a couple of months back, Macadamia had rather resolutely, unwaveringly, unfalteringly, unswervingly, resolutely, persistently and very very firmly told the mater that she would not, under any circumstances, put herself through the torment and the pain of waxing.

The mater had said "Tell me the same thing a year or two from now and I will believe you".

Turns out, the mater did not have to wait that long, after all. :-))

But then again, you see, I'm not the kind of person who goes around telling Macadamia "I told you so" every five minutes. 

I just tell her that about once in every half an hour. :-))))))))))))))

Yeah, I'm very considerate that way.


1 voice(s) said so:

SUMANA said...

I swear we do not have to wait for long. These days i see more ladies at the parlor most times waiting for their teenage girls to get done with the beautification work. Times have really changed have'nt they??