14 April, 2011

A slip of the tongue

(Image courtesy : happytoysandgames.com via Google)

I've been noticing the way the nutty siblings are, with each other, over the past many months now.  They cannot live without each other around, neither can they live with each other around.  They have to talk to each other, but they also have to yell at each other.  They have to pass each other those "knowing looks (read roll eyes heavenwards) when it comes to something their parents are telling them, yet they have to throw daggers at each other with just their looks, at other times.  They whisper like a pair of co-conspirators at one moment and five minutes later they'll be found stomping and screaming and arguing with each other.  They have to tell each other everything (well, almost), and they have to call each other a tattletale.  Such is the chemistry between Macadamia and Pecan, nowadays.  They are what one can call "A Complex Confusion".  Confusion to the people around them. 

These two are quite blissfully unaware of the fact that with each other, they behave pretty much like the weather in HK, sunny one moment and a typhoon the next. 

Yesterday too, notes had apparently been compared in the evening (well before the parents got home), about the various aspects of their school lives (for the day).  We totally believe in living in the present, you see. 

Macadamia has been filling me in too - about the politics of friendship and the complexities of the relationship called friendship amongst a whole bunch of pre-teens.  Meaning - Macadamia and her friends at school.  As is normally the case, there are always ups and downs and when you have a bunch of pre-teens involved, the ups and downs seem more like a crazy roller coaster ride every second. 

"This one is that one's pet dog, that one is not talking to this one, someone is going out with no one, anyone does not know what someone is up to" and the like.  Was that complex enough ?  Well, it is, for me.  Blame it all on age, I guess ;-).

Oh ! another bit of newsflash - Macadamia has her own Facebook account now.  So that adds a new dimension to friendship, I'm told.  In fact, it was after looking at her facebook account that we realized that we somehow suddenly have three more daughters.  How and when that happened - we know not !!! ;-))

OK - not to digress - yesterday evening found Pecan asking Macadamia if she'd chucked out two of her friends from her Facebook friends list.  "Not from Facebook" she said.  "That's just in real life".  Huh ??!!  We actually have scenes of The Matrix playing out at home !!  "You mean they're still on your Facebook friends list ?" queried Pecan, quite unable to comprehend the complexities of girls' minds. 

"What was that about ?  Whom are you talking about ?" interjected Yours Truly.  Before Macadamia could say a word, Pecan was found hopping around like a cat on a hot tin roof saying "That's A and B she's talking about."  I've heard A's name and B's name being dropped a lot since Macadamia started Middle School. 

"Why ?  What happened ?" asked Yours Truly, trying to get a grasp on the situation.

Yet again, before Macadamia could say anything, a totally excited, hoppity hopping Pecan said "Because A
bitched her.  A bitched her. A bitched Macadamia".  He was so caught up in the intensity of the situation that he totally mixed up his B's and D's.

Macadamia started to roll around the floor (in an attempt to even out our uneven floors, I guess) laughing and it took a moment for it to register in Pecan's head that Mommy too had a grin plastered on her face. 

Mommy has never ever before seen Pecan blush beet red.  He's made several others do so but it's never actually happened to him.  Yesterday was a first.  He realiized that he'd been screaming "bitched" instead of "ditched" all over the place and his face was totally aflame.  He would, by any standards, have put a beetroot to shame yesterday evening.

Combine that beet red face and ears with a totally sheepish look - and that was Pecan yesterday evening.  A picture that was totally priceless.

Sadly enough, Mommy did not have a camera on hand to snap up that candid camera moment !!

Mommy, for one, sure is looking forward to many more such "slips" of the tongue !! :-)

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Neera said...

fun to read abt the kids' chemistry :) and really wish u could have taken that picture :)