13 December, 2010

Revenge : A Desire

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The desire for revenge had not burnt so strongly within me ever before.  But now, it filled my every pore. 
It was the reason for my very existence.  I wanted blood.  Their blood.  I wanted to see their blood spill on this dry land just as my family had bled.  I wanted them to feel fear, to feel death hanging over their heads.

They had wiped out my entire family.  The panic, the fear, that smell of cordite was only too fresh in my mind. I was hurt.  They had managed to hurt me but I had promised myself that I would not give up.  I had found both my kids a safe place, a haven where they could grow and flourish - with or without me.  My life was in peril but I had managed to get my children out of harm's way.  They were safe and at this point in time, that was all that mattered.

My body was on fire, pain radiated from my leg which was still bleeding from the bullet wound.  I knew that the men who were after me were still looking for me.  For, I had something they wanted - badly. They would do everything within their power to get it.  Man's desire for riches
is an unconquerable evil.

I was hungry.  Very hungry.  I could not recollect when I'd last eaten.  I have now been on the run for so long that time has ceased to be of any meaning to me.  The hunger gnawed at my insides.  Food was all my mind could register.  The desire for food was driving me crazy.

 "Desire !", I thought to myself "is the root cause of many a evil." Right now, my body desired food in a rather frenzied manner. 

The sun was shining in the sky, I could hear the birds chirping merrily.  I could feel the weakness settling around me like a warm blanket, dragging me into oblivion.  Vestiges of consciousness whirled their warnings in my head. "You cannot fall asleep", they said.  "You are not out of danger.  Those men are still looking for you.  They are armed and could be here any moment" warned more voices inside my head.

As these voices hummed inside my head, my olfactory senses started tingling. The smell of food was wafting, making me drool.  My stomach grumbled loudly in protest. 

There is something so innately satisfying about a tummy filled with food, albeit leftovers, I thought to myself a while later, as water trickled down my parched throat.   There was no time for emotions now but all the same I could not help but think of my children.  Little bundles of energy, playful, energetic, the joy of my life.  "Those men were wary around me because I had children to protect" I mused.  They think motherhood makes the femalekind stronger but truth cannot be farther than that. Motherhood actually makes the femalekind more vulnerable.  With children around, the stakes are much higher, we stand to lose so much more.    But then again, these men did not know that.

My eyelids suddenly sprang open.  I had not realized that I'd fallen asleep.  The sun was dipping in the horizon, a big, orange ball of fire, signalling the end of the day.  Night would soon lay claim, with its large, black blanket.  It was night that I'd been waiting for, since the dark is my element.  The sense of danger around me just served to heighten my senses.  They were near.  Yes, they were coming for me.  But this time, I was ready for them.  The desire to avenge the death of my loved ones was coursing through me.  The desire to rip those men open and maul them was an extremely heady sensation. 

I moved stealthily across the plains towards them.  I could hear voices in the distance, I could smell their  exhaustion.  They were about to camp for the night.  This time around, I think to myself, "the element of surprise lies in my favour".

My nose twitches,  my tail swishes.  It flicks back and forth as I unsheath my claws.  I look down upon my prey who lie around intoxicated.  The desire for revenge is a fervor now, a lust that spurs me into action.
I stalk my prey silently, waiting for the right moment to strike.  For, I, the mighty leopard will not hurry into an attack. 

I wait and when the time is right, I ambush.

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Phoenixritu said...

Compelling, want to read more

Just Like That said...

Lovely, Gauri. In the beginning I thought you might be writing about some queen of old.... :-) What it turned out to be is even better!

Anonymous said...

Yea, you have your point.

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