28 September, 2010

Ud Ud Dabangg Dabangg Dabangg Dabangg ....

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Ud Ud Dabanng Dabanng Dabanng Dabanng Ud Ud Dabanng Dabanng Dabanng Dabanng …………

It’s almost as if this song is stuck somewhere inside my head, playing in what appears to be an apparently endless loop.

I was at school today, teaching the kids English Grammar and all of a sudden, with no warning whatsoever, this song suddenly starts humming inside my head. Good thing that I’d started the kids on a writing assignment already because I found that my feet had started tapping to the tune in my head, rather automatically. Horror of horrors, this !! Of all the places, in school, with a full class to handle. And my head is full of Hud Hud Dabanng Dabanng …

I had to tell myself rather sternly and in absolutely no uncertain terms to stop thinking about the song. “But you were not consciously thinking about it” argued my sub conscious mind, which apparently, is not so sub conscious when it comes to the soundtracks of Dabanng. With both, my sub conscious and unconscious mind in the grip of these soundtracks, the conscious mind which was full of English Grammar, was indeed finding it a tall order to stay in control. The sub conscious and the unconscious mind were threatening to run riot.

My mind was already conjuring up an image of its own. If, inadvertently, I ended up humming one of the soundtracks which were, by then, racing inside my head at Grand Prix speeds, it would indeed be fun with these kids who are already in the grip of a number called “I want nobody nobody but you” by some Korean group. Imagine a “Munni Badnaam Hui” in the midst of all that. Trust me, all the local munnas and munnis would have been dancing on the tables !!

I found my conscious mind telling its counterparts to stay put until I was safely ensconced in the bus, heading home, before giving in to the mad urge to plug in those earphones and go absolutely D.A.B.A.N.N.GGG !! It did seem like the conscious mind had gained control. The songs, the soundtracks receded and the adverbs and adjectives started prancing around, as they were rightly meant to. It was their playtime inside my head and not Dabanng’s.

All was well until I gave the kids a break for five minutes and they wanted to play Hangman. I was trying to conjure up words for them when a word flashed through my head. “Munni”, said my head. I shook my head to clear it of those last vestiges of the soundtrack which apparently had still been holding on to my mind for dear life. “Chulbul” was the next word that popped into my head. “Oh God !” This is terrible” I thought to myself and totally diverted the kids to playing Hangman with the names of countries on the board. “It will also help you improve your Geography” I said, sounding a lot more confident that Dabanng would not interrupt something as important as playing Hangman with the names of countries at stake.

It did work. By the time we’d finished with the Hangman and moved onto the next assignment for the day, my mind had totally divested itself of all the Dabanng cobwebs. It was running full speed ahead on pure English Grammar fuel.

As the kids were busy with the Grammar worksheet I’d set for them, I was walking around the class, quietly monitoring the kids My gaze settled on a bunch of books on the ledge of the classroom. They were in a complete state of disarray. Compulsively, I moved towards the books with every intention to straighten them. “It will also give me an opportunity to see what books are being read in class” I thought to myself.

As I was piling up the books, one little flyer caught my eye. It was an order form for a book called “The Big Bang Theory”. That was it !! My mind immediately equated “The Big Bang” with “The Bang” with what else but “Dabanng”.

“Dabanng ! Dabanng ! Dabanng !”

Well, that was nothing but the sound that was created when I banged my head against the walls at school, in a rather futile attempt to keep those songs at bay !!

It worked !! It did keep the songs at bay. Just until I stepped out of school. Once I did, it was as though my hands had a life and an instruction sheet of their own. Out came the pod, the earphones were plugged and in a matter of seconds, my sub conscious mind was dancing away to the tunes what else but – DABANNG !!!!

2 voice(s) said so:

dipali said...

Munni badnaam hui is the current earworm- driving me completely nuts:(

Mama - Mia said...

haha! now i know husband isnt the only one who plays Dabbang songs in an endless loop! :D