29 September, 2010


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Pecan seems to be in the Mr.Helpful mode these days. At school, if I may please be specific here. He is intent on being Mr.Helpful at school. It is indeed a different story at home but then again, that is material enough for another post. So let’s not go into that right now.

The other day he was looking all pleased with himself and was grinning like a Cheshire cat which had just swallowed a whole bucketful of cream, when I got home from work in the evening. He looked as though he was about to burst out and spill the reason as to why he was flashing his pearly whites around. “I helped two people at school today, Mummy.” he said, looking pleased as punch with himself.

"That’s really nice of you” said Mommy, as was apparently expected of her. You see, if the response from Mommy is not appropriate enough, Pecan has absolutely no qualms about letting Mommy know that he indeed expects better from her. “Whom did you help ?” asked Mommy while Macadamia, sensing entertainment in the offing, actually looked up from her laptop screen. Nowadays, it does take that something extra to make Macadamia unglue her eyes from her laptop and sprinkle some of her attention elsewhere around her. For the most part, in the evenings, she is loaded with so much of homework that she is invariably found with her eyes glued to the laptop.

"There was this little girl on the school playground today. She was all about to cry.” said Pecan, as he paused for sheer dramatic effect. “She was about to have these big big tears roll down her face, OK” said Pecan, drawing the drama out. “Awww – why was she crying ?” asked Mommy. See, Mommy knows exactly how to respond. She has been rather well trained in that department by her children. “I said she was a.b.o.u.t to cry. I did not say she was crying, Mummy” said Pecan, a quiver of admonishment in his voice aimed at Mommy for not having paid attention to the finer details of the statement. "OK. Why was she about to cry ?” asked Mommy, thinking to herself that she would make a fine circus animal – given the effect that the nutty sibs’ training has had on her. She takes her cues very seriously and responds as she is expected to. Perfect characteristics of a circus animal !!

Macadamia, by now, was leaning comfortably against the cushions on the sofa, half sitting, half reclining and she had that familiar gleam in her eyes and that familiar amused look on her face. All that seemed missing from the picture was a bag of popcorn in her hands. Where there is live entertainment, there absolutely has got to be popcorn !!!

"See Mummy, she had this water bottle which just would not open. I mean the lid would not open. It was so hot and she must have been thirsty. She is a Year One student so she did not know whom to ask. So I went up to her and asked her what happened. Then I took her water bottle and opened the lid for her. Ta Da.” said Pecan, looking very pleased and satisfied.

Macadamia was beginning to stifle serious smiles now. A sign that the volcano was beginning to rumble and that it would erupt in a while.

"Now you can take your shoes off and sit down Mummy and then I’ll tell you about the second person I helped” said Pecan, rather generously, since he’d just realized that he was standing very close to the front door and that the Mommy Incarnate was still standing there looking like the vision of obedience and deference, albeit a rather tired one.

Did I say a while ago that a particular volcano was threatening to erupt any moment ? Well, it did – just about then !!

"See Mummy” said Pecan, crossing Mommy’s path in haste and almost causing a pileup in the living room, as he stumbled over Mommy’s shoes and then onto the sofa. Fortunately, no pile up occurred and the bags of grapes and plums that Mommy had just deposited on the ledge too escaped unscathed.

"Then there was this other little Year One girl who was playing during lunchtime and the ball she was playing with almost rolled off the ground. She was staring at the ball in horror instead of running after it. I was just near the edge of the playground so I just stopped the ball before it rolled off the ground and handed it back to her.” said Pecan.

"Was she pretty ?” asked Macadamia, who, by now, was grinning with glee.

"I don’t know. I did not notice all that.” said Pecan, looking rather horrified at the direction in which the conversation was now heading.

"I mean like …. was she like cute and all that ?” asked Macadamia, who was intent on dragging this as far as it would go.

"I said I don’t know. But she had long eyebrows on her eyes” said Pecan.

"Eyebrows on her eyes ??????” repeated Macadamia. That would have made her look like an alien, she said, to add to the dramatic effect. Now I know. This one did not get all those merits at school in her drama lesson for nothing. She’s good at it !!

"She had long long hair on her eyes which made her look like Bambi” said Pecan, looking rather sheepish that his brain had actually managed to store that kind of information.

"Ah Ha !” said Macadamia, who was quite the picture of amusement, with one eyebrow raised and her lips pursed together in sheer amusement.

"Bambi ???” wondered Mommy. She so wanted to tell Pecan “never trust eyelashes that can bat at you like that. They spell BIG trouble. And they are invariably fake !!” She meant the eyelashes, by the way.

There have been numerous such instances over the past few weeks where Pecan has played his role of Mr.Helpful to the hilt.

In the process, he has been forgetting a lot of his stuff at school. Water bottles, snack boxes, lunch boxes …. all of these have been sacrificed at the altar of helpfulness. Of course, over the next couple of days, with much prodding and reminding, he does go over to the Lost and Found cupboard and get his stuff back but in the heat of the moment, while helping others out, fact remains that he forgets where he puts his stuff.

There’s one little thing I’ve noticed though. When it comes to helpfulness, so far his sentences have always had feminine Subject and Object Pronouns in them.

"She needed help. I helped her.” etc. I am yet to see a masculine pronoun being the recipient of the said helpfulness.

Where am I heading with this post ?? Nowhere, actually. Just thought I should put this note down for the future. Because, you see, a few select posts might actually end up as a wedding gift for their respective spouses.

Hmmm …… now that should be fun, don’t you think ???

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