20 September, 2010

Happy O.N.A.M !!!

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"I so HATE Monday mornings” said Macadamia, looking to throw sparks just about anywhere, this morning.

"I don’t like Mondays” said Pecan, squirming defiantly into his quilt rather than out of it when it was time to wake up, today morning.

"I don’t like Monday mornings anymore either” said a rather droopy and wilted looking Mommy.

"No one likes Monday mornings. I don’t either.” said Daddy.

YAY !!!! thought Mommy to herself. There’s still hope. There’s still hope. We finally have something that all members of this nutty family concur with. Wholeheartedly, if I may add !! This is not something that happens very frequently, especially in the case of Macadamia and Pecan. Like I’ve said in several of my earlier posts, they agree to disagree on just about everything.

So yes, there is indeed a silver lining to every cloud, albeit figurative.

What we needed was to add a dash of colour here and there to Monday mornings. I mean, just blue is in Macadamia speak “SO BOARING” (That’s how she says it not how she spells it. I’m clarifying because she now makes it a point to read each and every post of mine and if that clarification is not in place, then I’ll probably have hell to pay.)

"SO MUSH” Pecan would say. I honestly don’t know what he means by MUSH in many situations that he uses it with but then again, I always have the generation gap to blame it on )). See, I’m very enterprising that way !!

"MONDAY MORNINGS BELLYFLOP” he said this morning. Yet again, the picture my mind conjured up was that of three belly dancers I’d seen at someones wedding. That was not a belly dance – it was indeed three adipose laden bellies flopping away to glory. Ewwww – not exactly a thought or a sight that one needs at any given time of any day. I was later given to understand though, through the kind offices of who-else-but-Pecan that BELLYFLOP is a polite term. The rude counterpart of BellyFlop, which Pecan rather self-righteously said he never uses, is “It s.u.c.k.s”. To his credit, even while explaining it to me, he did not say it out aloud, he spelt it out.

I can tell you one thing for sure. I am getting old !!!!

Anyway, by now, we needed a whole bucket of colour to wash away our Monday blues. That was when Daddy had an inspiration and he walked into the living room wishing us all A Very Happy ONAM !!

"But Onam is already over” said the ever-analytical Macadamia while Pecan had that look on his face that said “Yeah, Right !!”

ONAM as Daddy went on to explain, is, in this particular case, nothing other than “Oh No !!! Another Monday !!!”

Macadamia smiled and Pecan grinned. The two adults in the family did find the acronym funny too.

Henceforth, we have decided to wish each other a very happy ONAM every Monday morning.

Stay tuned, I’ll probably let you know how project ONAM goes.

Oh ! and while we are on the topic, let me wish you all A Very Happy O.N.A.M too !!!!

3 voice(s) said so:

Sue said...

LOL Now I know where the nuttiness comes from!

Sumana said...

LOL happy ONAM

the mad momma said...

LOL! i think i'm going to use this.