02 August, 2010

The Nutty Detectives

(Image courtesy : countyofsb.org via Google)

It was one of those situations where things simply hang on a thread, where one stands to lose a lot, lose out on something precious.  This time around, the stakes were very high.

So high that Macadamia and Pecan were actually looking worried. They lamented, they moaned, they groaned and they sighed .... but to no avail. The parents simply refused to yield.

The parents’ policy was rather simple. Macadamia and Pecan had to be careful while putting their things away, putting anything away, for that matter. One does not just dump something somewhere and conveniently forget all about it.

Not that this kind of a situation has not been witnessed before. Quite the contrary !!. This sort scene has repeated itself countless number of times before. The nutty siblings would leave something somewhere and forget all about it. Until one fine day, realization would dawn and that very “thing” would be required for some purpose. All hell would break loose. Mommy and Daddy would also be pressed into service in trying to find the elusive item in question. The whole family would be found either with their heads stuck inside the cupboards or wardrobes or rather cautiously peeking under the sofas or the coffee tables.

Nose to the ground, we’ve scared many a ant by simply staring into their little ant eyes !!

This time around, the parents refused to comply. They refused to help. They told the Nutty Sibs not to even think in terms of getting a replacement. Nah ! That simply was not happening. The Nutty Sibs, per force, had to turn into the Nutty Detectives. They had misplaced something which, under the circumstances, was of great value. Like I said before, under the circumstances, the stakes were very very high.

The nutty sibs had to find the “thing” they’d misplaced or else they ran the risk of losing out on something really really important to them. With that parental threat looming large, the sibs were found in a situation that can only be described as “near despair”.

Brows were furrowed, eyes shifted from place to place in a rather desperate, futile attempt to kickstart those memory cells into recollecting where exactly they’d put “the thing”.

The situation was really getting desperate. Hopelessness made its presence felt on their faces, the anxiety showed in their frantic struggle to locate “the thing”.

Just as they seemed to have lost all hope of ever finding “the thing”, just as they thought they would not see the light at the end of the tunnel on this one, realization dawned, illuminating their faces. Akin to a flash of lightning lighting up the skies on a dark stormy day, we could literally ‘see’ the comprehension seeping onto those young faces. Alongwith it came a sense of completion, of having executed something they’d earlier thought impossible.

Now to the question of what it was that the nutty siblings were searching for. I can’t put it more simply than this.

They were searching for / trying to locate a can of button mushrooms !!!

Why the despair over a can of mushrooms ?

Because without that can of button mushrooms, they would not be able to have their Sunday Special.  The same Sunday Special which was on the menu cards specifically because they'd requested it.

Thai Curry !!

And the heartless parents had refused to buy another can of mushrooms. No mushrooms, no Thai curry. And the foodie family that we are, the nutty sibs were aghast at the idea of their Sunday special not materialising – all because they misplaced something somewhere.

True – it was nothing priceless or valuable that they misplaced. But they learnt a lesson. They learnt a lesson yesterday.

Like the saying goes, sometimes things are best learnt the hard way.

Like Abigail Van Buren once said

“If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shoulders.”

3 voice(s) said so:

Aathira said...


The saying in the end is so true!

Lovely narration.

dipali said...

Great fun, but how did the kids manage to misplace a can of mushrooms? What on earth were they doing with it?
(I made a Thai curry on Saturday night, after ages-strange to encounter it on your blog just after that)!

Gauri said...

Aathira : Thanks :)

Dipali : Macadamia and Pecan can misplace things much bigger than a can of mushrooms. They put the shopping away that day and they put the can where we normally store packs of milk !! No wonder they had such trouble finding the can !!