19 June, 2010

One God

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There is but one thread that runs through all these pearls.  Each pearl is a religion or a sect thereof.  There are many different pearls and God is the thread that runs through all of them.  Most people, however, are entirely unconscious of this truth. ~ Swami Vivekananda

Landed in the Inbox, two emails today
The contents of which left me in utter dismay

‘Twas an email, the author of which called it an “appeal”
His hatred and bigotry, he’d hardly been able to conceal

It was related to the Hindu Muslim conflict
As I read a few lines, my throat did indeed constrict.

Why is there so much hatred in this world
Charges, allegations and accusations being hurled

Why do people have to stoke and incite ?
Why do people have to light and ignite ?

“Protect Hindu girls and their ijjat” proclaimed the mail
The extent of hatred projected, left me pale

Bombay was my home, Bombay is still my home
The city which embodies the “cultural hotpot” syndrome
In that very city, tensions exploded
Over religion, people once feuded

I was at work when the bombs exploded
As, one after the other, places in the city were pounded
Bodies carted away in trucks, limbs lay scattered
The heart ached to see the city torn, families shattered

The Babri Masjid was razed and brought down
Of religious tolerance and brotherhood, there was a complete breakdown
People went after each other – all in the name of religion
Momentarily forgotten was the fact that they were each others’ brethren

What came from such violence, I ask
Was there indeed so much of hatred for people to unmask ?

It is sad to see people still fueling hatred
It’s even sadder to see such people being lauded

Look around the world today before you do condemn
What is it that you see ? Oh ! What is it that you see ?
Violence, bloodshed, carnage and mayhem,
In the name of religion, people whipping up a frenzy.

God made this Universe and put us all here
God did not say “each other you will fear”

Is not God the same Universal Truth
His hand on our head, is said to soothe.

Why then are we humans trying to make
Each others’ hearts and minds ache

God is just one, God is just one single entity
of Him, there aren’t a dozen different varieties !

Why then do we humans spread hatred and loathing
And in doing so, what sort of a future course are we charting

War in the name of religion
Oh brethren ! Human attitude is so brazen

Pause for a moment and think
Would God want humans to raise such a stink ?
Would God encourage cruelty and strife in His name ?
Would He want people to inflame and set each other aflame ?

We humans are fast being dragged into a mire
And we humans are fast setting the world afire
We’ve imprisoned ourselves in cages of bigotry
And to anger based on religion, there seems no boundary

There’s got to be a start somewhere, There’s got to be a start somewhere
Of prejudice, bias and intolerance we all need to beware
God is The Omnipotent Creator
‘Tis under His wings that we all seek harbour

We have to make a start by saying ...
“We will not listen to those who try and divide us in His name”
We have to stop goading and gloating ......
Cos, be it Hinduism, Christianity or Islam – they’re all one and the same

God has always been one and the same.
God still is one and the same
God will always be one and the same.

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starry said...

God has always been one and the same.
God still is one and the same
God will always be one and the same.

I always have these thoughts, so much violence in the name of religion and still each religion teaches love for one another and tolerance.where are we going wrong.so many questions and so few answers.we are destroying each other and the planet we live in, in the name of religion...really, really sad.

Just Like That said...


ashok said...

I didn't know u write poems:) why dont u write more often...