01 June, 2010

The Red Marker Blogathon - Acronyms !!!!!!!!!!

What do you do when you get a message which reads ....

I hv bin ADVD 2 SBT d FRMS ASAP. ASAMOF ASAYGT cld u CYE. Dis P2C2E thru SMS. CYE.

To me, this was a nightmare come true.

Why, you ask ??

Simply because I’ve never ever been able to “take to” textese. Call me old fashioned, if you like, but LMAO, ROFL, ROTFL and their cousins have never ever been my cup of tea. For that matter, the entire textese family drives me up the wall.

I mean, what’s with the ROTFL and the ROFLs ? They sound like barks from different pedigrees of dogs, to be honest. Rufff Roofffff Ruofff .... definitely sounds like a dog barking, to me.

Until a few weeks back, I did not know what the acronym ROFL stood for. Until I was enlightened, and how !!!

Here’s how ......

someone hacked into one of my email accounts and sent out a message with a name followed by the acronym ROFL. One of my acquaintances here (the person whose name was mentioned on the email before the ROFL) thought it was me who was using that acronym to actually make fun of her. All this happened right under my very nose and there I was, blissfully unaware of all the rumblings under the volcano.

Well, things like a volcano, you see, work and function based on the laws of nature. So a volcano which has begun to rumble must erupt. That’s a given. This volcano erupted too .... spewing ash and lava all aimed at me ...... I was enlightened about all this volcanic activity by one of my friends and that was when the term ROFL came to light.

That was how I was told that ROFL actually meant “rolling on floor laughing”.

Made me feel like a fool actually. I mean, had I known this earlier, I could have saved innumerable number of bytes in many of my blog posts simply by saying Macadamia was ROFL, instead of saying Macadamia was rolling around laughing.

But then again, like I said earlier, go ahead and call me old fashioned, will ya ??

I’ve never been able to understand what this SMS language is all about, let alone try and figure it out. While some distinctly sound like noises animals would make when they are in pain or when they are angry or threatened, some other acronyms are so complicated that they put Latin and Greek to shame.

“B4YKI” I remember reading somewhere. The word that immediately sprung to mind was “teriyaki” while B4YKI is apparently supposed to mean “before you knew it”.

These acronyms can work as two edged swords, apparently. BBB can stand for “bye bye babe” or “boring beyond belief”. So if someone texts you a BBB – don’t be too sure that it stands for “bye bye babe”.

Take BABY, for instance. Imagine a situation wherein your kid comes and says “I’m BABY”. With one of those tender, maternal smiles, you say “Of course, sweetheart. You are my baby.” A glare and a LOD (look of disgust) later, your baby says “I’m BABY” means “I’m Being Annoyed By You”. !!!!!!

OOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BZ to me sounds like the hum of a bee or should I say “drone of a bee” (pun not intended). Or a housefly. Or even an mosquito. But BZ apparently means “busy” !!!

CMU would, in all probability, make me respond by saying “Oh Emu ! Those are little birds”. Well, a CMU apparently stands for Crack Me Up !!

“Classes could be CX” said someone the other day. “Classes to be held on Cathay Pacific” ???!!! I wondered. Simply because the only acronyms I’ve been familiar with are the ones used by airlines. But somehow English classes on Cathay Pacific did not really make sense and that was how I learnt that CX is an acronym for “cancelled”.

While I honestly do believe that textese is a CWOT, I think, for reasons linked with my own sanity, it is high time I CUWTA.

What ?? !!

Are you thinking of asking me what CWOT or CUWTA mean ?? Seriously ??!!!!

Tell you what ? You figure those out while I go ROFL !!!!!

I honestly ought to thank that acquaintance of mine for having slandered me all over/around town over an acronym I did not even know existed. Had it not been for her, I would never have been introduced to this world of acronyms.

ECHISL, you know !!

Go Figure !!

It’s mighty irritating, you say ??? It really gets your goat ??

Did I not say just that at the beginning of the post ?? These acronyms even put the Nutty Siblings to shame, when it comes to irritating me.

They are indeed my Achilles Heel !!!

(This post is being sent over to The Red Marker Blogathon being hosted by Sue.)

12 voice(s) said so:

Aathira said...

I totally agree with you.... I hate these textese stuff and I have never moved beyond LOL!

I still write full words and sentences on texts and chats.. I just can not get myself to do the ROFL and LMAO... in fact I do not know what LMAO stands for even!

Sue said...

Good heavens. And I still haven't figured out what the text message said!

Aathira, it means Laughing My Ass Off. I use that one. :)

Mama - Mia said...

ok! i cannot figure out the acronym challenge put forth by you!

i usually end up using only OMG which means Oh My God! and if i am LOLing i type haha or hehe! :p

thanks Sue. even i didnt know what LMAO is is!

and what the hell is 5ne! i mean are we really saving ANY effort by NOT write FIne! geez!

loved this post!


Phoenixritu said...

Would you translate please? Otherwise I will not be able to die in peace : would wake up with a jerk and wonder ... what did the sms say, what did she say?


My textese (sounds like testes) is limited to ROFL and LOL

GettingThereNow said...

LOL! (That's "Laughing out Loud", just in case you are wondering).

I hate textese or SMSese myself! It is like reading cars' registration plates. And sometimes you wonder why the sender used a certain abbreviation because the original word is as many characters! Even though I understand it fairly well, I hate smsese with a passion!!!

Suma said...

now i need a translation of that, or better still lemme get my 12 yrold to do it :)

good post and i hate textese, even tho i use it sometimes...

Random Thoughts said...


Gauri said...

That text message translates into :
I have been advised to submit the forms as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, as soon as you get this, could you check your email. This process too complicated to explain thru SMS. Check your email. Peace, Love, Out !!!

Random Thoughts : I figured that one out :))). Hope the fans are OK :)))

Just Like That said...

Gauri, what on earth did you write towards the end of your post??? Please put me out of my misery, and I guess you've ROFL'd enough by now. :-D

Gyanban said...

140 characters but 140 mil. thoughts. how do you fit em all in ?
the need to talk has always been greater than need to listen.

sandhya said...

Wonderful to read this post. I am not a regular here, but hit on this through Artnavy's blog. Can anyone participate?

roop said...

linked ya! hope it's alright?