08 June, 2010

Growing Pains ....

(Picture courtesy : guardian.co.uk via Google)

Growing Pains .... They’ve swept and descended on Pecan with all their might.

I’ve heard of growing pains and I’ve read about the fact that nearly 1/3rd of children suffer from these. But yesterday evening/night was the first time we came face to face with growing pains.

It all started with Pecan complaining of an ache in his calves towards the evening. So much so that he did not even broach the topic of going to the park to play cricket. Since he’d had PE at school yesterday, we did not attach much importance to the ache – attributing it to a possible overdoing of running and stuff that normally comes along with PE.

Towards 9 pm, the ache in his calves started again and it was so bad that it actually reduced Pecan to tears. He’s the kind of guy who brushes hurts and bruises off and carries on with whatever it is that he’s doing. There have been times when he’s banged his foot or his head or his arms somewhere and has forgotten all about it in an instant. We would realize that something of that sort had happened when we looked at the bruises turning black/blue the next day.

So for him to be reduced to tears, it had to be really really bad.  He was a picture of abject misery and he was just as confused or probably mighty more confused than we were.

Things were compounded by the fact that Pecan is on homeopathy and the homeopath has strictly forbidden use of any sort of cream or lotion or ointment or oil on his body. So much so that even chapstick and Vaseline (as lip balms) aren’t allowed.

Yesterday night, the pain in his legs got so bad that we simply decided to forgo the “no oils” dictum and used pain relieving oil and massaged his legs. Normally, this medicated oil has effect on all sorts of pains, sprains and what have you. But on Pecan’s aching calves – this oil had absolutely no effect.

The oil did not help. Massaging his legs did not help. Keeping his legs covered with the quilt to keep the warmth “in” did not help. In short, nothing seemed to be helping reduce the pain in any way.

He nodded off to sleep when the pain lessened on its own after a while. But it was short-lived. An hour later, it was that very pain that woke him up and he walked into our room, crying. It had come back with a vengeance.  The pain had restarted in his calves and had now extended to his forearms as well. Finally, we had to resort to Panadol to ease the pain and that lulled him into sleep – albeit a bit restless.

Today morning, he seemed OK and said so himself as he bounded off to meet his school bus in the lobby.

We yet again did something we never do, for physical ailments.

Resorted to checking this out on Google. Simply because the whole thing was so baffling. It had left us completely perplexed.

No visible hurt marks, no black blue bruises, no redness or swelling anywhere, the affected areas of the body were not “warm to the touch” – nothing, that in the normal sense of the word, is normally associated with aches and pains.

Upon checking it out on Google, we were given to understand that these could well have been “growing pains”.

“Growing Pains” – which are said to be a genuine ailment, one without a cure, per se. It is said to be a phase, one which wears itself out in time and one which does not have any specific time period.

All said and done, common or not, it is extremely distressing to watch a child in pain, more so when nothing much helps.

We’re hoping that this was a one-off incident and that these aches and pains do not repeat themselves.

Fingers crossed !!

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Phoenixrtu said...

Growing pains happen - more in male children but little girls can have them too, when they are going through growth spurts. The muscles and tissues are stretching to their limits. There will be some height increase when the pains abate. Then they may hit the ankles.

Just Like That said...

OH! :-( Poor Pecan. Hope the worst of it is over. Have not heard of them being so bad..

rrmom said...

Tharini of Winkiesways had written about this a long time ago. Thats when I even came to know that there is something called 'growing pains'. Hope A feels better soon.

Gauri said...

PhoenixRitu : Oh God ! It moves on to the ankles next ??

JLT, RRMom : Fingers crossed. There's another PE session tomorrow.

Mama - Mia said...

i was gonna say what RR mom said. i heard of it for the first time on Tharini's blog. maybe she has answers about least what worked for Winkie.

hope Pecan feels better soon!