07 June, 2010

The Forces and The Last Laugh ....

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It happened just the other day.

Pecan had been asked to practice his school work. By who else but me ??!! No one else in the Krishnans’ household has an affinity towards trouble like I do. Well, he had not been told specifically to practice his Math Tables or his Word Mountain or any such thing – because all along, a “practice session involving school work” automatically meant those things.

Now as children grow up, one apparently needs to get more specific with things. It seems that it does not work the other way around, like it did when we were growing up. I mean, the more grown up a child then, the less specific the parental instructions. Because it was assumed that the child was old enough to put two and two together and arrive at four.

Nowadays, given that opportunity (as I recently realized), children do put two and two together – but they arrive not at four, but at twenty two !!!

A while later, there was no sign of any books or pencils or any such implement on the study desk or the coffee table (places where Pecan is normally found when he does happen to practice school work). For that matter, Pecan himself was missing.

There was no one sitting and playing the drums with the pencil or pretending that the eraser was a cricket ball or that the pencil and the eraser put together could well be substitutes for a bat AND a ball. Ingenious kids, I say !! They can actually play cricket with a pencil and an eraser !!

At such times, we do remember to thank God that houses in HK are as small as they actually are. Less number of places for children to hide, you know. Imagine a huge rambling house with cellars and walk in wardrobes and what have you – and someone like Pecan. That would be like looking for a little mouse in the Amazon jungle !!

Noises from the kids’ room made me walk towards the kids’ room. Yeah, I am really smart that way. In deducing things like these, I mean. Noises from the room mean I should walk into the room and find out where the noises are coming from and all that. Like I said, I’d beat Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot put together, at this kind of thing any day.

There was Pecan. On the floor vroooming and zooming with a Mini Cooper and a Lamborghini.  A host of other cars stood in line, awaiting their turn, I guessed.

“Excuse me” I said, with much self-righteousness.

“What ?” said Pecan, the aforesaid self-righteousness sliding right off what must be a really thick hide.

Determined not to be flustered, I said “Did I not tell you to practice your school work ?”.

The glee was rather evident on my face as scenes from Tom and Jerry played across my head. Those kind of scenes where Tom has Jerry at his mercy, where Tom is just about to rip Jerry to bits. Remember that glazy look Tom used to have in his eyes then and that smack of the lips in anticipation of “Jerry being in trouble”. Not to mention that grin dripping with glee.

Well, that was me right then.

The one small detail that did escape my rather large head was the fact that despite being in situations like those, Tom was invariably the one who got bashed up and it was Jerry who consistently had the last laugh.

“But I am practicing my school work” said Pecan, in a huff, jolting me out of my “Tom and Jerry” reverie.

“Yeah, sure.” I said. “I do see a Mini Cooper and a Lamborghini on the floor.  And lots of other cards alongside.” “And I do see you zooming them around with special sound effects.” “Yes indeed. Practice of school work, it is.” I said, getting that speech ready inside my head. Remember the kind of speech Amitabh used to give the school kids in Mohabbatein.

Yeah, t.h.a.t kind of speech !!

“But Mummeee .... I AM practicing school work” said an indignant Pecan.

“How so ?” I asked. That speech was almost ready inside my head.

“I am not just playing with the cars, OK ?” said Pecan.

“Ah haannn. Go on”. And after what seemed like a rather dramatic pause, "I’m listening.” I said, pretty much like Frasier on the TV Show.

And yes, that speech was ready and Tom was smacking his lips and gloating over a cowering Jerry.

“I am not just playing with the cars. I am practicing school work. You see Mummeeeeee (that was really long drawn out and should have been warning enough but I refused to see it coming) – I am just trying to see how forces work. I push the cars around and I have to use force. And how force works and how force changes things is our topic of enquiry at school now. So you seeeee. That’s also school work.” said Pecan.

Those Tom and Jerry images were still floating in my mind. At this point of time they were images of a Jerry holding his belly and laughing, looking as he normally does, when he’s pulled the rug out from under Tom’s feet !!!

Speaking of which, there is another advantage to houses in HK being small. At times like these, I just have to turn in any direction I choose and I’d find a wall – all ready for me to bang my head on !!!!

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