20 May, 2010

The Nutty Siblings !!!

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Phew !!!

That was difficult ! It was demanding, it was stressful, exacting, time-consuming and most definitely trying. This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to pull my hair out – right out of its roots – preferably in handfuls. Having to endure the pain from that sort of stuff would keep me sane as compared to playing arbitrator.
Ever tried acting as an intermediary between a whale and a squid trying to eat each other up ? Does something tell you that neither the whale nor the squid would be interested in a referee. It is a no holds barred fight, a fight to the finish, a fight for survival …. and in the midst of all this, what chance does a referee stand ?
What exactly am I talking about ?

I’m talking about none other than the great Macadamia and the even greater Pecan !! The very same nutty siblings, who specialize in driving other people nuts – with absolute ease. At times, it seems like they’ve been born with that talent, the innate ability to drive me up the wall and onto the ceiling effortlessly. Thanks to them, I do know what the world looks like when viewed upside down – since they have me walking on the ceiling most of the time.

Take for instance, the scene a few minutes back. Both of them got back from school all hot and sweaty, not to mention hungry !! It is indeed a dangerous combination with these two and the best thing to do is to keep the two of them away from each other until some food has found its way into their respective tummies. It so happens that I was busy in the kitchen and did not realize that Macadamia and Pecan were in the same room …. until I heard them screeching and screaming at each other.

There’s a difference there too. As Vic always says – Pecan specializes in driving poor Macadamia nuts. He goads her, provokes her – spurs and incites her in a way only he can and Macadamia loses it. The poor thing absolutely specializes in flying off the handle at the drop of a hat. And a hungry Macadamia is someone even I don’t have the courage to face – until and unless that tummy of hers registers atleast half full !! Talking to a hungry Macadamia – or rather, trying to talk to a hungry Macadamia, is like waving a huge red hoarding in front of a very angry bull.

Now if that is not a volatile combination – tell me – what is ????

That is invariably how the Macadamia-Pecan relationship goes. Peaceful picture, ain’t it ?

This sibling relationship, I’ve heard from a great many, is a funny thing. They are always at each other’s throats, they are invariably going for each others’ necks but when someone says something about the other sibling – the way the equation changes is totally magical.

There have been numerous instances where, at the drop of a hat, Macadamia turns into a mother hen, defending her younger sibling with all the might and indignation that she can gather at that given moment. “Don’t say that to him” she’d spew, glaring at the person on the receiving end. Quite a formidable sight she is, at times like these.

Until about a month back, Macadamia used to go downstairs to the lobby to fetch Pecan when his school bus dropped him off in the lobby. One day, it so happened that the bus was early. As Macadamia was making her way downstairs, the bus mother brought Pecan into the inside lobby of the building, where they waited for Macadamia. Just as Macadamia reached the ground floor lobby, she found the bus mother waiting there, with Pecan. As soon as she saw Macadamia, she apparently asked her why she’d come downstairs late and in jest, called her a “bad sister”. Macadamia laughed it off but Pecan was mighty miffed.
“I’ll come back home from the lobby by myself” he declared that evening. No explanation was forthcoming and upon being asked again, Pecan simply said that he liked to travel in the elevator by himself. We knew this to be a fact and the kind of escapades that Pecan has had in the elevator is enough material for a separate post in itself !!

A few days later, the true reason emerged. “The bus mother is mean” said Pecan, with his face set very seriously. “She’s a bad bus mother for having called my sister a bad sister” said Pecan. It took a while to convince him that it had all been in jest … but that was the end of Macadamia having to go downstairs to meet the school bus.

The nutty siblings are well known for their fights just before bed time. There have been times when the fights have seemed serious enough for us to intervene and put an end to all that screeching. A few minutes later, we end up feeling like the biggest fools on the face of the earth when Macadamia and Pecan are found merrily chatting with each other – as though nothing happened. That fight which had been raging a few minutes back – apparently had never taken place.

And there we would be, the esteemed referees – waiting for our palpitating hearts to slow down, sweat beading our foreheads after having mediated and got the nutty siblings to settle down. Settle down ?? It is normally we who need “settling down” after such episodes !

Now do you know how we’re graying at such an exponential rate ??

There would have been open warfare minutes ago, a skirmish escalating into all out war, the hostility quite apparent. But all it would take a few minutes later is a roll of particularly loud thunder or repeated flashes of lightning and Macadamia would be found leaning over from the upper bunk to ask Pecan if he were OK. Or Pecan would be found scurrying up to the upper bunk and he would be found sitting there, whispering and conspiring with Macadamia, until all was well enough for him to get back to the lower bunk.

Mary Pipher puts it very aptly when she says “In our mobile society, relationships between siblings can offer a kind of shelter that few other relationships can provide. Siblings are, for better and for worse, each others’ ultimate fellow travelers. Whether their bonds are comfortable, or uncomfortable, or a little of both, they are co-voyagers in a world without many enduring reference points.”

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radha said...

very well captured the sibling rivalry gauri. i agree with you completely and understand where u are coming from, and the greying of hair i know why it is happening at such a fast rate. looking forward to the next one. lakshmi

Anonymous said...

Wow! awsome!!! great read...