09 May, 2010

MeDha .....

Here she is, visiting us yet again
To stake a claim, over her domain
And we get to play hosts, all over again.

I speak about none other than dear MeDha
The MeDha with the radiant aura, the very same MeDha.

No one else can ever take her place
For she’s always had him in a locked embrace

She’s always been a part of his existence
And she’s rewarded every year, for her persistence.
Year after year, she sashays her way into Vic’s life
Never mind the fact that Vic has a wife !!

For, Vic and MeDha have known each other all their life
Very much before the arrival of his good wife !!

They are pretty much inseparable
If you look at their relationship, nothing else is comparable
Vic and MeDha know each other inside out
They’ve known each other for a long long time, of that there’s no doubt.

Two neat halves that nestle cosily with each other,
That's Vic and MeDha, they’re so comfortable together.

That very MeDha comes over on her annual visit
She’ll be here tomorrow, never does she miss it.
The menu is set, and preparations we now make
All of MeDha’s favourites, we cook and bake.

In case I’ve managed to set your imagination afire
And before your threaten me with consequences dire
Let me go a step ahead and explain
About dear MeDha in a much lighter vein.

MeDha is nothing else but a conjunction
Of a month and a day, together they function
“Me” (in MeDha) is nothing else but the month of May
And “Dha” means ‘ten” in Marathi, if you may
So MeDha is none other than the 10th of May,
Which happens to be Vic’s birthday !!

So do join me in a toast
As I play the good host
To dear MeDha who is in the near vicinity
Here’s to Vic and MeDha …. and their affinity
May they be together, until infinity.

:))  Happy Birthday, sweetheart  !!  And here's to many many more :).

(Image courtesy : istockphoto)

7 voice(s) said so:

Anonymous said...

Aha! We share the same birthday!!
Happy Birthday to him!!


Gauri said...

Ramya : Here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday :).

rrmom said...

Another Taurean :-) Happy B'day to Vic. May b'days are always special.

the mad momma said...

hey! happy happies to Vic :)

Trishna said...

Belated birthday wishes to Vic:)
Hope you entertained Medha well:D

Gauri said...

rrmom, MM, Trishna : Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes.

@ Trishna - MeDha was indeed entertained well ..... Eggless chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, fish n chips with a salad on the side.
MeDha Khush !!! :)))))))

Random Thoughts said...

Thanks Ladies