06 May, 2010

Desperate times .....

......... call for desperate measures !!!!!!!!

Someone has been wanting to go along with Daddy, who is going over to Europe on a business trip. 

Now someone has really been wracking his brains and as Daddy prepares to fly out of HK this weekend, the situation is getting rather desperate.

The other day, Pecan was nowhere to be seen.  Every little nook and cranny of the house was looked up (for Pecan still fits into those nooks and crannies with ease) .... but no Pecan. 

The books were sitting neatly piled up in the study room ... important words here being "neatly piled up" .... for, that was a sureshot indication that Pecan had not laid his hands on them.

The cricket bat and ball were sitting alongside his bed in the kids' room, looking rather forlorn and totally lost, lamenting over their unuse.

Mommy's cell phone was actually found where it is supposed to be found.  That, in itself, ranks among the wonders of the world.  Yet again, the battery indicator on the cell phone showed 'full".  Yet another wonder.  Pecan is often found playing "golf" on mommy's cell phone.  Hence, the battery indicator on mommy's phone never ever indicates 'battery full'.

No Pecan anywhere !!!

So then, where was he ??  What was he upto ?? 

Lo and behold - for, this was where he was found ......

Someone sure is looking very sheepish !! :)))

6 voice(s) said so:

Phoenixritu said...

Oh! This is so sweet. Lovely pics

Just Like That said...

Awwwwww... that is one DETERMINED boy you have :-D
Can he not be taken?? :-(
They grow and grow and still remain kids :-D

Swati said...

hahah..absolutely cute ..he is sooo adorable !

Doli said...

aaaaaw! im feeling so sad for Pecan!

Sagar said...

So is he going or not :)). Nice templates btw !

Preeti said...

Hey Gauri, that sure was an adorable act!! And he looks so very cute and innocent! loved it!