28 May, 2010

The Bake Sale ...

The school which the Nutty Siblings attend, has a practice of holding bake sales at various different times of the year. Dates are assigned to different classes and they are given more than enough time to gear up for a bake sale.

Designing posters, advertising the fact that their class is having a bake sale, spreading the word among the children of other classes .... all this just adds to the fervour and excitement that a bake sale generates.
The proceeds from the bake sales are handed over to a charitable organization who then, channelize the funds for their charity work all over the world.

Today is when Macadamia’s class hosts its bake sale.

All the kids apparently have taken it a step forward this time around by conducting surveys during their snack breaks and lunch breaks – over the past 3 days. They’ve conducted a survey on “what would you like to eat at our bake sale ?” . Apparently, they’d given their “would be” customers, multiple choices. What each one was going to sell at the bake sale, was determined by that survey. That way, the children in Macadamia’s class reckon, there would be minimal wastage and the chances of having to carry back home what one brought in for the bake sale, would be minimised.

Good thinking, I say !!

These are the goodies Macadamia has carried to school for the bake sale.

A collage of all the goodies !!


M & M cookies

Brownies dusted with icing sugar

In its own way, it is good to instill in kids the fact that there are people all over the world, a lot less fortunate. People who really have to think about whether they are going to have a single drop of water coming their way, people who have to think about whether they are going to have any food at all over the next few days. There are people who do not have roofs over their heads, let alone the other comforts which ensure a good night’s sleep.

Children normally tend to look at only one side of the spectrum – at people who are better off than they themselves are. Little events, like these bake sales, for instance, provide a good opportunity to make the kids more aware of the fact that there are many many people out there who are not a fraction as fortunate as our kids are. And if there’s something, anything that one can do to extend a helping hand, however small the drop in the ocean, one must.

Here’s to today’s bake sale being a huge success !!

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how do u make m& M, brownies with icing.. Can u send me recipe.