25 May, 2010

And he's 7 !!!!!!!!!!!!

"Because time itself is like a spiral, something special happens on your birthday each year.  The same energy that God invested in you at birth is present once again."
~ Menachem Mendel Schneerson 

It all began around midnight on the 24th of May
Yes ! It was towards the fag end of the day!
You signalled your desire to come into this world
I’ve had enough, you said, of lying on the inside all curled !!

Why were you in such a mighty rush ?
When the whole world was almost asleep in a hush ?! :)

We had to rush to the hospital real quick
For, you had started to display your antics.
Picked up the bags, waved our hand and said our bye byes
And Aparna, sensible as ever, said, “Now ? So late ? But why ??”

Five and a half hours later, it was all a blur,
A cry of sheer indignation and annoyance and there you were !!
Eyes tightly shut, fists firmly closed
You looked as though the world, on you, had been imposed.

Years flew by and soon it was time
For kindergarten, as the school bells chimed
What followed was a year of pain and strain
It seemed as though school had been in vain

They say God sends angels across to soothe and heal
He sure sent you one and with her nurture – your heart she did steal :)
She helped you love school, grow, develop and bloom
By then it was time for Primary school, and you were ready to zoom.

A sweet, sensitive little soul you were
Never once, did you ever cause a stir
The perfect target for bullies at school
Brought about at home, plenty of pools.

Parenting they say, is a very complex career
Plenty of times as a parent, one has to change gear
Talks were a plenty, so were the tips
And slowly but steadily, the bullies became but, little blips.

Your love for books grew, developed and nourished
Amongst the words and sentences, you thrived and flourished
Along with it came newfound confidence
And thank God ! Plenty of common sense !!

Always a favourite among the girls ,
Notwithstanding their curls and twirls.
‘Twas funny to see the change in you unfurl,
Now away from those very girls you whirl !!
‘GIRLS’ with whom you were so very comfy,
Have now turned into an allergy !!!!!! ????

Never before were you a “sports” guy
But now – Oh My !! Oh My !! Oh My !!
Basketball, soccer, tennis and cricket,
Never in the past did you like them, you midget !

What’s changed so much ?, it makes us wonder
Loud yells of “Howzaaaattttt” give us the answer !!!
For that’s the language we often now hear,
Decibels that startle, at levels we’ve learnt to fear !!

Whenever we ventured out on a trip or an outing,
you simply had to hold our hands,
On the road, on the pavement, walking or crossing,
“I want to hold your hand” was one of your stringent demands.
But now the way you zip your way around
Even in places unknown and newfound
Makes us panic and seriously flip,
So much so that we’re gonna tag you with a GPS chip !!!

You never had problems with hugs and kisses
Now those very same things bring on the flinches
“No Mummy, don’t ruffle my hair”, you hiss
A twinkle in my eye makes me want to ask “Then how about a kiss ?”

“Please don’t hug me or pat me on the head”, you say
Public displays of affection now spell doomsday !!
But you still give me a goodnight hug, at home, backstage,
And that is one of the times I consider myself, privileged !!

As you shed your milk teeth away
“I’m all grown up” you proudly claim,
All I can manage is a gasp and a “touch√©”
“How did time fly” I wonder, feeling quite tame.

You’re still a very sensitive soul,
And as time and life unroll their scroll
Do retain that sensitivity towards others
For, it is indeed a gift that always anchors.

As you stand before us today, all of seven,
Life for you, does promise plenty of action
Your scope and horizons, all set to broaden
To watch you grow, it does make the heart gladden

As you start to form and sculpt your self-identity
Do remember that Universal Truth called God Almighty
Do remember that you are one of His nestlings
And that He’ll always be the wind beneath your wings

Happy Birthday, my precious and here’s to many many more
We love you more than you could possibly know :)

With all my love, Dear Heart, and then some ...

Maiyya :))

10 voice(s) said so:

Suki said...

Happy Happy Birthday (Not-so-)Li'l A!

Rohini said...

Adorable rhyme :)

Happy Birthday to the big boy

Usha said...

happy birthday abhay! what a lovely poem, G!

Preeti said...

Belated Happy birthday dear abhay

Yep I remember Gauri when i first saw abhay at school, i was happy to another one like armaan as easy targets
But yeah they've grown and what a LOVVVVVELY way you put that poem together

B o o. said...

Happy Birthday Abhay!

Hes SEVEN?! how did that happen?

Adorable poem, G. As always! :)

the mad momma said...

you know you're incredibly talented, right?

first beautiful babies.. then poetry :)

happy 7th to the little boy whose ice cream eraser i still remember...

Krishnapriyacr said...

wow!! Lovely poem..and it makes me scared..at how fast my kids are going to grow up too! Wishing a very belated birthday to Abhay.

rrmom said...

Happy b'day to Abhay. Lovely poetry.

Sue said...

Happy birthday-that-was, Abhay. I hope you had a great day.

Gauri said...

Thank you all so much for the warm wishes :-)