22 April, 2010

Between the devil and the deep blue sea !!!

Mommy’s been hoping and praying that no girls in Pecan’s class get a stomach ache.

Sounds weird ?

Well, there’s a story behind it.

Macademia, being a Primary Year 6 student and all that, is getting all set to move to Secondary/Middle school, starting August 2010. Apparently, a few weeks back, the teachers rounded up all the Year Six students, herded them into the assembly room and gave them all a talk about how they could expect a lot many changes in the near future - changes in terms of changing schools, going into a high pressure zone a.k.a Secondary/Middle school, hitting their pre-teens and last but not the least, physical changes which manifest themselves when kids hit their pre-teens / teens.

This, combined with the fact that “Kotex” has suddenly become a rather hep word with the girls in the Year Sixes (a sort of a “I have Kotex in my bag so that makes me all SO grown up”) has led to a lot of loose tongues at school. There are plenty of discussions going on about good old Kotex, its friends, its cousins – oh the whole Kotex family, for that matter !

Needless to say, these conversations have been spilling over at home too. And in the midst of these conversations, the ladies in the house have been doing their very best to ensure that the little spectator was not around when “Kotex talk” happened.

There was this one day when Macademia was recounting how one of her friends had to go back home due to a bad stomach ache. In the midst of the discussion, whilst clarifying that “Kotex moments” do, at times, bring about a rather disconcerting stomach ache and the like, the ladies in the house miserably failed to realize that they had a rather curious spectator in their midst.

A couple of days later, Pecan was seen sitting on the sofa, looking about as lively as a wet blanket. It took a bit of investigating before Pecan dropped the bomb. “I think I’m having my Kotex moment, Mummy”, said Pecan – completely unaware of the effect that the statement had on his mother – who, incidentally was having one of those “multiple choice question” moments.

a) Roll on the floor laughing

b) Give Pecan an explanation

c) Ignore the statement

Pecan’s mom being Pecan’s mom, she mustered as straight a face as she could, given the circumstances while Macademia was locked up in the bedroom, howling with laughter. The house sounded like Michael Jackson did in Thriller – all thanks to Macademia’s mirth, which was indeed bringing the roof down.

Mommy did the next best thing – told Pecan that Kotex moments happened to girls and not to boys. Fortunately for Mommy, Pecan suddenly recollected that there was a cricket match scheduled and he completely zoned out into the cricket world, pretty much the way guys normally can and do !

Mommy heaved a gargantuan sigh of relief at not having had to “explain” to Pecan as to why “Kotex moments”, as a domain, were registered to girls and only girls.

Those feelings of respite and reprieve, however, were short lived. All thanks to Macademia. The very same Macademia who normally drops bombshells with a poker face. The very same Macademia hypothesized “Imagine a situation where one of the girls in his class has a stomach ache. Knowing him, he will probably go and tell that girl that she’s having a Kotex moment. He will probably add, for good measure, that his mom told him that Kotex moments and girls are best friends.”

Oh Lord !! Oh.My.God !!!

So now, Mommy is rather fervently hoping and praying that no girls in Pecan’s class ever ever have a stomach ache !!

For that matter, I hope his teacher never gets a stomach ache either !!!!

9 voice(s) said so:

Just Like That said...

LOLOL You do have a problem. :-D

Suma said...

hahahaha...interesting moments!I could almost imagine teh whole scene in front of me...

this is probably why someone recently told me that its easier to bring up two siblings of the same gender :)

Doli said...

hahahah wow! I really wish I would have been there when this scene happened :) I cant even imagine how you answered Pecan with a straight face!

Usha said...

ahhaha. Gauri. I had no multiple choice dilemmas - I just rolled on the floor laughing.
Macademia knows her bro well and it seems to me that the ladies of the house do some damage control before the disastrous moment.
Now let me go back to my rolling....hahahahahahahah

Mama - Mia said...

hahahahaha!! like Usha the only option for us to laugh!!

kudos to you for managing straight face!! :p


starry said...

I think your kids are too hilarious.I could not stop laughing.Thanks to pecan.

dipali said...

Tooooooo cute!

Gauri said...

JLT : Don't I now ? !! :))

Suma : I guess so. But then again, knowing kids nowadays, you never know what question they're going to throw your way !! :))

Doli : Answering Pecan with a straight face has become a habit. Else I won't get much else done - other than rolling on the floor, that is :))

Usha : Aiyo ! Damage control with Pecan around is like trying to fix a leaky roof. Fix one leak and multiple others will spring up ! :))

Mamma-Mia : Just you wait !! :))

Starry : :))

Dipali : Oh God, Dipali. There are times like these when Pecan so effortlessly makes me break into a sweat !! :))

ChoxBox said...