17 March, 2010

It's all in the genes .........

Pecan has this uncanny habit of getting lots of his doubts clarified or his questions answered, during his shower time in the mornings.

He's probably realized that bath time is the only time he gets hold of his hapless Mommy’s undivided attention undivided. More importantly, Mommy and Daddy know only too well that dear Pecan is rather absent minded. Make that quite absent minded, actually. Hmmm … in reality, Pecan is very absent minded. I guess that’s what happens when you have a thousand and one things running through your head like bees in a beehive.

Traffic control of the various thoughts and thought processes inside the head start to look like the traffic that one sees on the roads of Bombay – each and every vehicle trying to squeeze its way into every nook and cranny on the road, all in an effort to get going and reach its destination. Pecan too, has so many thoughts running inside his head at the same time that Mommy is pretty sure that his head is like a freeway with four lanes for vehicles on which there are atleast 10 vehicles zooming at high speed at any given time !!

However, it is precisely the very same absent mindedness that is working to his advantage during bath time.

Left all alone, one would probably find Pecan buzzing in and out of the bathroom without having taken his shower (while he absent mindedly assumes and thinks that he already has). Or he would probably use soap without using water, thereby turning himself into a “looking white as a sheet” Pecan. Or he would probably forget to use soap, his absent mindedness reassuring him that he has indeed had a thorough bath with soap. Or he would probably soap himself and then forget to hose himself down with water, thereby turning into a Pecan with rather slippery wheels of soap under his feet.

Because Mommy only knows too well how absent minded Pecan is, she has to be physically present in the bathroom to make sure Pecan has his shower properly. Pecan has now realized that no matter how many questions he throws at Mommy during shower time, his dear Mommy has absolutely no escape route. Quite literally, during Pecan’s shower times, Mommy dearest turns into a sitting duck.

“How does God decide which hair color to give someone, which eye color to give someone and all such things ?” asked Pecan, today morning, while he was having his shower.

“It is a scientific process” replied Mommy, who, incidentally, is bright as sunshine when answering Pecan’s questions – especially early mornings. Given the fact that Mommy has never been a morning person, Pecan’s questions make Mommy feel like she’s on a perpetual skateboard, whizzing down a hill without any headgear !!

“But does not God decide all that ?” asked Pecan, with a rather suspicious look on his face and that gleam in his eyes which said “Ah ha ! Here’s something to sink my teeth into”.

“Well, yeah, in a way, He does. But He does so rather scientifically” replied Mommy, the slope getting slippery by the minute.

“Tell me how !” said Pecan

“Eye color, hair color – like lots of other things in the human body, is decided by the genes” said Mommy, trying to sound as confident as a Biology teacher during a science lecture.

“How can that be ?” queried Pecan.

“See …. when babies are born, they are born with the genes.” said Mommy, rather self-righteously.

“No, they’re not !” said Pecan, confidently.

“Yes, they are” said Mommy, sounding as sure of the subject as a Nobel laureate in Physiology.

“No, they’re not !” said Pecan, sounding emphatic and totally assertive.

“Yes, they so are” said Mommy, bright as a daffodil.

Eyes gleaming, a wide grin on his face, mischief twinkling in those eyes, Pecan said “Mummy – you really don’t know anything. When babies are born, they’re born naked. They’re not born with jeans.”

Genes and Jeans !!!!!!!!!

No wonder they say English is a funny language !!! :)))

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Swati said...

hahahh..this was too good ..ROFL !!! Abhay is a sweetheart !!

mnamma said...

LOL!! Look at this one assertive little Pecan :D

Usha said...

Mommy, you are not dealing with any kid here. This is our Abhay - you better be more careful. Perhaps it is a good idea to have a strong cup of black coffee before heading toward's A's Bathroom?

Shirley said...

hilarious!!! he's so eloquent! love it :)