18 January, 2010

Human Body Encyclopedia !!

Conversations at home now center around the human body. For the most part, Pecan is found engrossed in the Children’s Encyclopedia of the Human Body. The fascination with how the human body works and what it does, how it does what – is quite apparent nowadays. Sometimes, a little too apparent, actually !!

The current Unit of Enquiry at school is related to the human body. Now, it would have been rather helpful if we’d known that before the Unit of Enquiry began at school. Fact remains that we did not.

Early on, when this unit began at school, we, the hapless beings at home, were frequently (read every day – multiple number of times in a day) entreated to a sort of Systems Analysis and Design of the digestive system – in all its glory.

There have been times when Mommy's caught Pecan staring rather desperately at the mirror, with his mouth wide open. Mommy, being the dolt that she is, assumed that Pecan was checking to see if any of his milk teeth were wiggling. Mommy, however, was later informed by the budding human body enthusiast that he was actually trying to see if he could get a look at his esophagus !!!

Mealtimes brought their own share of fun. “Boing Boing Boing Boing Plunk Plunk” came a series of weird disassociated noises and sounds one day, as Pecan was having his dinner. Looking rather rightly worried, Mommy planted herself in front of Pecan, who, with a rather amused look on his face, proclaimed “My food is now going down my esophagus”.

“Here is the peristalsis now” he’d say next – as he tried to twist and gyrate the body from his neck up to his tummy while Mommy sweated it out, hoping and praying that his antics would not lead to an urgently necessitated Heimlich maneuver.

“Did you know that the small intestine is actually very long ?” asked Pecan, one day. Mommy feigned ignorance, hoping to redirect Pecan towards the encyclopedia. She did manage to direct him alright – only to have him standing right in front of her in a matter of minutes – WITH the encyclopedia. “You don’t know anything about the digestive system Mummy. How is that ?” queried a rather disgusted looking Pecan. “Sit with me and I’ll teach you” said Pecan, quite literally dragging Mommy off to “teach” her about the digestive system. “You are so old Mummy. How come you don’t know anything about the human body ?” asked Pecan, a frown burrowing his eyebrows – as her rather mercilessly interrogated a rather defenseless Mommy.

Thus, the whole family has been regaled with “more often than necessary” inputs about the human digestive system – in all its abundant glory, peppered with scientific terms. Mommy declines to go into details here. She rather knowingly says “trust me – you all. You really don’t want me going into details here.”

Yesterday, just before Pecan was tucked into bed, came a whopper. “My bronchi are expanding”. “Your what ?” said Macademia, looking distinctly amused with her younger sibling. “My bronchi” came the solemn reply from the younger sibling. “Can’t you just say – air is going into my lungs or that I’m breathing in ?” queried a rather bewildered looking Macademia. “The air traffic is just going into my lungs. It has not reached the lungs yet. It is just passing through the bronchi r.i.g.h.t n.o.w. Get that ??” said a rather enlightened looking Pecan. That look of enlightenment elicited one of the Macademia Specials – that roll of the eyes heavenward accompanied by a “Yeah Right !!”.

So, over the past couple of days, the entire household is being “informed” about things like asthma and alveoli and what have you. Makes Mommy wonder what lessons we’ll be having today !!

“Why does one lung have only two lobes while the other lung has three lobes ?” queried Pecan, a couple of days back. One thing's for sure. Pecan is making sure that all of the lobes in Mommy's brain are being kept busy.

Mommy sincerely has begun to wonder exactly how many other “systems” the school is planning to cover in their current Unit of Enquiry. Needless to say, given Pecan’s curiosity, delving deep into some of the “systems” of the human body, are going to be mighty sticky affairs.

Mommy, for one, senses and anticipates a cacophony anytime in the near future – as in a chirping of birds and the buzzing of bees ????!!!!

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Aparna said...

Hey, thats cool, Gauri. You are one lucky parent, and I'm sure you realize that :).

My son is 7.5 years old and he loves reading about the human body too. I've bought him encyclopaedia from TimeLife and it is the most used set of books at home.

How ols is your son?

Just Like That said...

LOL! You anticipate right!
Pecan is as cute as ever!

anupama said...

Hey thatz great..my 4 yr old has also shifted his attention frm dinosaurs to the human body right now..its amazing how fat they learn isn't it??

dipali said...

What delightful kids, seriously digesting their new knowledge!


Happy 2010! I just stumbled upon your virtual chronicle and absolutely love your world view.

If you get a chance, swing by and say hello. I would love to hear about all your wants, musings, and distractions. Thank you darling and wonderful blog, I will be back regularly.